The Future of D365 Business Central with AI, BI, and Machine Learning

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has become a powerful all-in-one ERP solution for SMBs due to its intense capabilities for understanding diverse operations. With automation and impactful modern-day capabilities, Business Central can push a business towards the path of growth with full power.

Microsoft Business Central is so capable that it can connect and streamline the operations of different departments of a business that include finance, sales, customer services, manufacturing, and distribution.

However, it isn’t the only available ERP solution on the market. We have numerous solutions that claim to be perfect for any business. So, what is making Business Central stand above all?

The answer is simple: its AI, BI, and machine learning capabilities enable the solution to align with evolving business needs and offer the optimum level of experience that a customer is looking for.

"According to Gartner, by 2023, 43% of all business decisions will be based on real-time data and analytics"

The business needs to accept innovation and the latest technologies to stay competitive while powering up the business towards consistent growth. Embedded technologies empower D365 Business Central to digitalise the entire business and simplify complicated operations.

In this blog, we are going to dive deep into the endless functionalities of AI, BI, and ML that can transform your business for the better.

AI for Business Central: Your Intelligent Assistant

There are times when we are used to managing all cumbersome tasks, like data entry, scheduling meetings, and invoice approvals, manually. But, with embedded AI, we can now automate these tasks, eliminating the chances of errors while improving productivity.

When it comes to AI, Microsoft has its own AI assistant named Dynamics 365 Copilot that seamlessly integrates with Business Central to supercharge its standard capabilities.

"A study by Forbes Insights reveals that companies that are data-driven are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times more likely to retain customers, and 19 times more likely to be profitable."

Microsoft Copilot assists the user in numerous ways, including automating repetitive tasks, offering a knowledge base, collecting data, building strategies, and retaining customers for the long run.

Boost Sales and Marketing with AI

Microsoft Copilot Assistant is able to collect data from different sources and analyse its effectiveness for data processing. Also, an AI can track the customer's history of purchases to generate the most relatable product recommendations. It will help the business perform personalised marketing campaigns.

You can also enable AI assistants to build upsell and crosssell opportunities during the checkout process or pitch customers through emails. This personalised approach enables a business to optimise its existing campaigns to improve conversion rates and boost overall revenue.

Revolutionise Customer Service with AI-enabled Chatbot

You can utilise the AI capabilities to build a bot that can work as a customer support executive available 24/7. Based on our business and customer requirements, you can deploy the bot with the required information, capable of managing standard queries. In cases of complex issues, the conversation can easily be transferred to a human agent.

Setting up a bit of a business will not only resolve standard queries without any delay but also offer an optimum level of customer satisfaction. It will enhance the overall productivity of a customer executive and let them focus on the essential tasks of the business.

BI for Business Central: Turn Your Data into Insights

Businesses have to deal with a lot of data on a daily basis to smooth different operations. However, most of the stored data remains untouched due to the inefficiency of business management solutions and human proficiency.

This is where Business Central comes into play. It collects, tracks, and analyses data to fetch useful information out of the pile of data. Business Central comes embedded with business intelligence (BI) to support operations in different ways.

It replaces the traditional ways of generating reports and data analysis with modern ways of generating reports with just a click. You can easily generate insightful reports and dashboards with Business Central.

However, if you need more advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities, you can go with the Power BI implementation with Business Central.

Predictive Analytics with BI

Business Central comes with predictive analytics that let you predict upcoming market trends, find disruptions in the supply chain, and forecast cash flow for the consistent working of the business.

You can analyse customer activity, purchase history, and buying patterns to identify growth opportunities while optimising the existing business operations.

Data Visualisation to Fetch Useful Information

Data visualisation enables the business to understand the hidden information lying in the large amount of customer data. With this capability, you will be able to understand data through charts, graphs, and visually appealing heatmaps.

Once you have the right information for growth, the entire team can move forward with the right information to make data-driven decisions for the right set of processes.

Isn’t it astonishing?

ML for Business Central: Predict the Outcomes

Machine learning allows businesses to get a 360° overview of the entire business, including existing machines and equipment. We can implement this in any industry, but manufacturing is considered a core user due to the number of machines. ML is a technology that can predict equipment failures before they happen.

It offers you real-time business insights to let you adjust inventory based on customer demands, perform financial forecasts, schedule machine maintenance, and find ways to get more output with the same resources.

The machine learning in Business Central works on a powerful algorithm capable of analysing large amounts of data, finding hidden information, and tracking previous transactions to predict upcoming outcomes.

Proactive Maintenance with ML

Businesses integrate IoT devices with machines and equipment to get machine data in real time. Such devices act like sensors that analyse equipment through different environments and parameters to predict failures before they even occur.

It allows the business to perform preventive maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, minimise downtime, and ensure the good performance of the machine.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Inventory management has become a crucial part of the business that needs to be managed properly. Usually, businesses struggle with stockouts and overstocking issues that lead to losses in business.

With ML, you can analyse historical customer data, understand their behaviour, and make actionable decisions based on market trends to predict future requirements. Also, it enables the business to track the inventory levels of different products so that you can stock them before they go out of stock.

Finance Forecast

Tracking and predicting the financials of a business is a critical process that needs to be done accurately and without error. Tracking financial data leads you to understand the core factors of business that can maximise revenue by incorporating the ML algorithm.

Machine learning empowers a business to make actionable decisions to drive precise financial decisions and eliminate negative economic doubts with confidence.

The Future of Business Central

AI, BI, and ML technologies are the future of Business Central and can lead a business from zero to hero in the minimum amount of time possible. Such embedded technologies in Business Central make it a smart solution with limitless possibilities for personalisation.

A successful Business Central implementation allows a business to think smartly, understand customers through different touch points, and automate tasks for enhanced business efficiency.

With predictive maintenance and optimised inventory management, you can reduce the overall operational costs while increasing the ROI.

This is how modern technologies impact Business Central and supercharge its performance. If you are looking to welcome automation with simplified business operations, Dynamics 365 Business Central is made for you.

To get more personalised information about D365 BC, feel free to write us an email at or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 for instant help. 

Darshan Mungekar

Darshan Mungekar, the Principal Solution Architect at Dynamics Square UK. Offering expertise of over 22 years with consistent track record of progression, repeatedly achieving goals and producing immediate improvements.


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