Dynamics 365 Business Central Trial: Access Now! (In 2 Clicks)

Accessing the Dynamics 365 Business Central trial isn’t a tidy task until you know the exact method. What if I tell you that the exact method to access the trial of Business Central consists of just two clicks? It will save you a lot of time and effort trying different methods to access D365 BC.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the exact steps to access the Business Central trial and the Business Central Premium trial. But before accessing it, let’s discuss why SMBs are opting for D365 Business Central over other ERP solutions.

Why SMBs are opting for Business Central ERP Solution?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one management business solution capable of streamlining the business operations of an entire business in the smoothest way possible. Built using the latest technologies of AI (artificial intelligence), BI (business intelligence), and ML (machine learning), it offers exceptional features to control, track, and manage a business regardless of different geographic locations.

With three deployment options—on-premises, cloud, and hybrid, you can embed this powerful ERP solution in any business of any size and industry based on some of your specific requirements.

Each deployment option possesses different capabilities, like cloud deployment, which lets you access the data globally and in real-time, on-premises deployment, which offers high data security, and hybrid deployment, which empowers you to access the mixed capabilities of the other two options.

Microsoft developed Business Central considering the requirements of SMBs. It offers performance, power, and scalability to small businesses so that they can accelerate growth by utilising their existing resources.

Even Microsoft has cost-effective plans for all businesses as per requirements, and the Business Central Cloud pricing starts at £57.50 per user per month for the Essentials plan. Moreover, you can check the Business Central pricing and compare the plans with each other for a better understanding.

It might be possible that you are unable to understand your specific business requirements due to the uniqueness of your business. In such a scenario, you can contact a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Central Implementation, like Dynamics Square, to help you understand your business and choose the perfect plan.

The above-listed capabilities are the tip of the iceberg. If you want to explore Business Central in more detail, you can read the Business Central Guide for SMBs. It will give you immense knowledge about various aspects of this ERP solution from different perspectives.
Figure 3SMBs Businesses Chooses ERP systems over standalone platforms

How to Avail Dynamics 365 Business Central Trial?

The process to get the Dynamics 365 BC trial is given below:

    1. Go to Microsoft’s official page for accessing the trial and scroll below to search for the Business Central option (click first).
    2. Now, click on the Try for Free button available below Dynamics 365 Business Central section (click 2nd). 
    3. A new form page opens where you have to specify your business and requirements. Check out the below image. 
    4. Also, it might be possible that you got a different page where you had to submit your business credentials. 
    5. Once you fill in the required details, you can access the trial to see whether Business Central is a perfect fit for you or not.

      There is one thing I am suggesting: access the Business Central Premium licence instead of the Essential. Because it will help you understand the full capability of BC and how it can accelerate your business potential.

      How to Access D365 BC Premium Trial?

      The Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium plan offers more modules when compared to the Essential plan. This includes Business Central for Manufacturing and Service Management.

      To get the most accurate information about features and capabilities of Dynamics 365 suite of applications, check out the Dynamics 365 Licencing Guide released by Microsoft.

      • Once you are in the interface of the Business Central Essentials plan, click on the search icon available above and search for “Company Information”. 
      • Select the Company Information link and scroll down to search for Experience option under User Experience section.  
      • Now, change the Essential to Premium setting, and your features, capabilities, and interface will be updated automatically.
      • Maybe, the application asks you to login again to access the latest features.

      Setting Up Company Profile

      When you start using the Business Central trial, you will find dummy content so that you can understand how Business Central ERP solution works.

      If you want to try this ERP system with your business data, you need to feed it. To do so, you will need to follow the below steps:
      • Click on the Gear icon (Setting button) from the top of the welcome screen and select the Assisted Setup button.
      • In this, fill in the desired company details, as you can see in the below picture. 
      • Once you submit all details, your existing dashboard will be updated.
      Also, you can import your business data to start using this ERP solution.

      In case of special requirements, you can also customise Business Central to try the version most convenient for your business.

      If you need any help with the customizations or have some special requirements, contact Dynamics Square to make things work according to your needs.

      What will happen when the Trial Expires?

      You might be wondering what will happen after 30 days of the trial period. Let me tell you that after this tenure, you will need to purchase any of the business central licences.

      However, if you forget to use the Business Central trial within 45 days of your first login, Microsoft will consider your account to be expired.

      There are certain chances that after 30 days of usage, you are still trying to figure out the best addon, customization, and licencing plan for your business. In such a scenario, Dynamics Square, as your Microsoft Solutions partner, is available to help you choose the best Business Central configuration for your business.

      With our 150+ team of expert technical consultants, we can guide you to accelerate your business performance while generating a profitable stream of revenue.

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