Moving to the Cloud: 7 Compelling Reasons for Cloud Migration

People with a bit of understanding of technology believe that cloud technology is the future, whereas moving to the cloud is the first step to accepting this future as fate. If you look at the past 10 years, you will notice a sudden change in the acceptance of cloud tech.

Earlier, big companies with financial stability used to move their data servers from on-premises to the cloud. At that time, cloud technology was new and costly.

Anyway, people tend to reject new technology or innovation until it becomes readily available (a bit harsh, but true).

Now, when you look at your daily lifestyle, you will find that most of your devices are leveraging the power of cloud technology to host data.

Here’s a question that must be answered:

Why are businesses opting for cloud solutions and technology?

Why is there a sudden shift in businesses from on-premises to cloud data servers?

Is this the new way to empower business growth?

(You will get the answers in the FAQ section.)

Before getting the answers, let’s understand the core concept of cloud technology and the top reasons for moving to cloud solutions.

What is Cloud Computing?

If I had to explain this in simple words, it would be: storing your personal and professional data on cloud servers. Also, you can understand it by - replacing physical storage devices with cloud data storage that offers you 24/7 access.

Cloud computing isn’t limited to storing data. But you can also host different applications so that you can access the desired data anytime and anywhere using an online connection.

Before you move to the cloud, you must understand the different cloud service models available to justify your unique business needs.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

The software that is available through cloud computing is known as SaaS. For example, OneDrive, Microsoft Business Central cloud, Gmail, and more.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

This includes the service providers who offer the right platform to develop different types of applications. For example, Microsoft Azure Services and Amazon Web Services.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

This offers the infrastructure to give you computing power for your specific purposes on a pay-as-you-go model. Like web hosting providers.

Why Cloud Migration is a Must for Modern Businesses – Top 7 Reason

It’s time to discuss the top reasons why business owners are choosing cloud technology over on-premises storage. Check out the top reasons below:

1. Cost Effective

When compared with on-premises deployment, cloud servers are way more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. Because it eliminates the costs that include hardware costs, deployment costs, and implementation costs.

You can easily access cloud computing by paying a monthly subscription fee to the server provider without putting a burden on your financial sheets.

2. No Server Maintenance

To make the on-premises system work smoothly and stable, you will need to arrange periodic maintenance of the database. This process leads to high maintenance costs, increasing the overall financial budget of a business.

With cloud deployment, there is no need to maintain the datacenter as the server provider will manage, control, and streamline it without charging a penny on a timely basis.

3. 360-degree data Security

If you are migrating to the cloud, your major concern would be the security of your precious data, which has become an important asset of the organisation. With on-premises data servers, your data is always at risk of theft and manipulation through internal means.

With reliable cloud data hosting organisations like Microsoft Azure, your data is safe and secure. And the best part is that you can assign data access to the users based on your choice.  

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4. Global Connectivity and Accessibility

On-premises data can only be accessed within a restricted parameter of the organisation, or, as we can say, internally. But businesses working from different geolocations need to access the data anytime and anywhere.

Cloud computing resolves these issues and lets you access data globally with an internet connection. Isn’t this exciting.

5. Anytime Data Backup

What if your on-premises data storage system malfunctioned and you were left with corrupted data? This can cause a huge financial loss. But with cloud computing, you can create, take, and share the backup whenever desired.

Your backups will be managed and maintained by your server provider without any extra cost. That’s how cloud computing can be a lifesaver for your business.

6. Faster Deployment of Solutions

While deploying your on-premises solution, you will need to build a plan, collect resources, and manage the manpower. The entire process becomes hectic and time consuming. With cloud solutions, you can deploy your entire complex solution within a few hours, saving a lot of time, effort, and resources.

Cloud computing makes the entire process easy and smooth for businesses with fewer resources to manage storage, streamline deployment, and save money.

7. Anytime Scalability

You cannot scale a business running on on-premises data servers without investing huge amounts in purchasing hardware, hiring IT manpower, and investing a lot more resources. But, with cloud data servers, you can scale the cloud storage whenever you want in just a minute by contacting your cloud service provider.

Also, you can enhance the processing power of your cloud servers and downgrade the system power whenever needed.

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Why Migrate to Cloud Computing?

When we talk about moving our existing system to the cloud, there can be numerous reasons. Like flexibility, scalability, reduced costs, reduced business complexity, and a pay-as-you-go subscription model, these are just a few benefits you will avail yourself of by moving to a cloud system.

There is one more important point we are missing. Modern businesses require modern solutions to deal with complex business operations. Here comes the role of integrating add-ons and other applications to manage the complexity.

With on-premises deployment, you will need to invest a lot of resources to integrate an application with the original solution. But with cloud deployment, you can connect various solutions together using an API.

Isn’t this simple and cost-effective?

Get Dynamics Square on board for a smooth Migration to Cloud

The process of moving to the cloud is complicated until you find the right partner. This includes a lot of data transfer, migrating add-ons, and carrying customization to the cloud database.

With a certified Microsoft AI cloud partner, like Dynamics Square, we will migrate your entire system from on-premises to the cloud with enhanced capabilities using Microsoft Azure.

This migration will open the path to various opportunities, empower you to avail of cloud technology, and accelerate the growth of your business.

In case of need, write us a mail at or call us directly at +44-207-193-2502 for instant help.


1. Why are businesses opting for cloud solutions and technology over on-premises?

There are various reasons for opting for cloud technology, among which flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use are the major factors.

2. Why is there a sudden shift in businesses from on-premises to cloud data servers?

Because managing and maintaining cloud servers has become a tidy as well as costly task for businesses, especially small businesses. Also, cloud deployment costs way less than on-premises, with no maintenance and a very low set-up cost.

3. Is this the new way to empower business growth?

Yes, cloud technology is the future and the new way to leverage the hidden growth potential of a business. Choose it before you feel left out.

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