Up To 15% Increase In Microsoft Cloud Solution Prices: What You Need To Know

As a business owner, you’re likely aware of the many benefits of cloud solutions, including reliability, flexibility, and affordability. Microsoft is a popular supplier of top business solutions, and they have recently announced an impending increase in the price of their cloud solutions, effective from April 2023. This means that businesses will witness the price increase of Microsoft cloud solutions ranging from 9% and 15%. For small businesses with tight budgets, this increase could have a significant impact.

In this blog, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind the price increase, its impact on businesses, and most importantly, how to lessen the impact of price adjustment and continue using Microsoft cloud solutions without breaking the bank.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Price Increase Table

For many years, Microsoft has been offering cloud solutions at a steady price point, providing its customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions to manage their businesses. The last time prices were updated was on January 1st, 2017, almost six years ago, and since then, Microsoft has kept the same pricing structure.

Other than inflation, there can be various reasons behind this change that include Covid pandemic, war, political influence, increase in tax, and fluctuations in local currency.

The new pricing structure for all Microsoft cloud solutions in the European region, semi-annually, has been released, reflecting the exchange rate of local currencies to US dollars (USD) to ensure consistent pricing across the globe.

Currency Price Increase 
Swedish Krona (SEK) 15% 
Norwegian Krone (NOK) 11% 
Danish Krone (DKK) 11% 
Euro (EUR) 11% 
British Pound (GBP) 9% 


  • This price increase will not affect perpetual license products such as Windows servers, Professional Office, Exchange Server, and Windows Enterprise 11 (on-premises).
  • The price change will not affect businesses or customers who have agreements with price protection clauses. However, such businesses must bear new prices on the current services renewal.
  • The Azure cloud plan with the Microsoft Customer Agreement priced in US dollars will not be affected, as it is already priced higher in US dollars.
  • The price increase will only affect government, commercial, and educational users.

There is one more update for you. This is a semi-annual price update, and we can expect another price change soon. However, the prices can be lowered from the current price based on US dollar exchange rates.

How to reduce the impact of recent Microsoft price increases?

With the announcement of the upcoming price increase, businesses are left wondering how they can reduce the impact on their operations and budgets. The best way to minimize the impact of this price increase is to act now and invest in a cloud solution before April 1, 2023. By doing so, you can save a significant amount of money that can be reinvested in your organization for growth and expansion.

When purchasing new licenses, it is crucial to ask your Microsoft partner to make an annual agreement before April 1, 2023. This is the only possible solution that can help you bypass the price increase and continue to use Microsoft cloud solutions without worrying about the fiscal impact on your business.

At Dynamics Square, we understand the challenges that businesses face in managing their operations and budgets while keeping up with the latest technologies and solutions.

Our expert consultants can guide you through all the details you need to make a better decision for your business and help you compare the new prices with the old ones.

As a Microsoft certified gold partner, we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right solution to achieve exponential business growth while simplifying your business operations.

Act now and invest in a cloud solution to save money and improve your business operations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the changes and make informed decisions for your business.  

Kapil Jangid

Kapil Jangid is a Digital Marketing expert with an aim of uplifting businesses through cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). He has more than 8+ years of experience working with numerous SaaS companies, driving brand awareness, and enhancing revenue opportunities.


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