Top 13 ERP Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

Finding the best ERP solution for manufacturing businesses is the key to simplifying production processes while utilising resources at their best. ERP manufacturing software supports a business's ability to generate more output while also promoting business growth.

We have various Manufacturing ERP solutions available in the market, and choosing the best among them is like finding a needle in a haystack (if you have zero knowledge of ERPs).

But if you understand your business and its requirements, you can easily pick the perfect solution from the list. However, you still need to put in a bit of effort while choosing an ERP solution, as businesses run on unique methodologies and processes that need to be catered to with specific tools and functionalities.

Before getting to the list, let’s understand the need for manufacturing ERP in today’s modern business ecosystem.

What is the Need for Manufacturing ERP Solutions?

A perfect ERP solution streamlines the entire business operations, which consist of many simple and complex activities. A manufacturing ERP solution centralises all processes, promoting a unified data centre. Also, it connects, collaborates, and promotes different manufacturing processes with people to accelerate business growth while moving forward through immense scalability.

By implementing the right Manufacturing cloud ERP solution, you can track inventory, replenish stocks, manage work orders, enhance visibility across processes, and promote effective decision-making.

List of top Manufacturing ERP solutions

We have various ERP manufacturing software options available in the UK market, and among them, the top 13 solutions are listed below:

1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the top-performing and most powerful solution available for global business users. With exceptional capabilities and powerful features, it can streamline entire business operations without any hassle.

Microsoft ERP can be deployed on cloud and on-premises servers to cater to businesses of different sizes and complexities. Business Central for manufacturing comes embedded with AI, BI, and IoT to accelerate performance by tracking production delays, resolving product quality issues, promoting planned production, and much more.

2. Odoo ERP

Odoo is an open-source ERP solution that is flexible enough to be customised for any business, irrespective of its uniqueness. If you are a coder or have solution development skills, this ERP solution works best for you, as you can modify its functions and tools.

For businesses, Odoo can streamline the different manufacturing processes that include raw material management, tracking resources, building production schedules, tracking the production cycle, and maintaining product quality.

3. Acumatica ERP

A cloud-based SaaS ERP solution that can manage, control, and streamline the business operations of a manufacturing business. With cloud and on-premises deployment options, businesses can implement this solution based on their core requirements.

It comes with various features that include production management, material billing, product planning, requirement planning, production scheduling, profit estimation, data collection, and offering real-time insights.

4. Oracle Netsuite ERP

Oracle Netsuite ERP understands the core functioning of manufacturing businesses and aids them in dealing with complex processes. It empowers businesses to automate the manual time-consuming processes to promote productivity with limited manpower. If you are implementing this solution on cloud servers, you can avail yourself of unified data centres along with real-time data insights.

Oracle ERP offers various features to the business that include data automation, minimising the time taken in data processing, monitoring the cost of each product, calculating margins, tracking profits, lowering the technical support cost, and much more.

5. SAP Business ERP

SAP Business One is an affordable ERP solution specifically built for small and medium businesses. For manufacturing businesses, it is flexible, cost-effective, and robust when it comes to controlling business operations. It offers key business insights to users and helps them make data-driven decisions to maximise profitability.

SAP Business One Manufacturing ERP offers various features and functionalities that include centralising the data, tracking raw materials, checking the status of planned production, giving a holistic approach to the entire business, and reporting as well as business intelligence capabilities.

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6. Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP, also known as Epicor Kinetic, is a manufacturing ERP solution that connects and streamlines different departments of a business. It follows simple procedures to deal with different business operations, resulting in enhanced ROI and maximised efficiency. Also, Epicor ERP offers a competitive edge in dealing with specific production processes by leveraging BI (business intelligence) and ML (machine learning).

It offers numerous features to manufacturing businesses, like comprehensive management of business processes, following government compliance, accepting integrations, enhanced data security, and project management.

7. IFS ERP Solution

IFS is especially built for manufacturing businesses by considering the actual complexities of the production industry. With discrete manufacturing capabilities, IFS ERP empowers businesses to track the product, starting from purchase to qualifying the quality parameters of the product. Also, it offers end-to-end support to manufacturers to build a successful product lifecycle.

Not only in the manufacturing industry, but it can also be implemented in automotive, high-tech manufacturing, and life sciences organisations.


SYSPRO is a smart manufacturing ERP solution that leverages the power of the latest technologies, like IoT, to enhance overall profitability while optimising resources. It comes with a broad list of tools that enable you to manage, track, and control business results. The best part about this ERP solution is that you can access it using any device and whenever you need.

It offers numerous features to the manufacturing business that include a centralised collaboration system, data analysis functionality, a 360-degree view of business operations, tracking projects, measuring efficiency, and streamlining data management.

9. QAD Systems

QAD is a cloud-based ERP system that is basically built to cater to a few departments that include food and beverages, automotive, industrial manufacturing, and more. Capable of processing global tax compliance to match global product or service demand. It is flexible, affordable, and accepts multiple currencies to process global business operations.

Being a flexible ERP solution, it offers numerous features that include low-code application building, embedded analytics, data reporting, working on any device (web or mobile), easy customization, meeting specific business requirements, and availability of support.

10. Infor CloudSuite Industrial

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Infor CloudSuite Industrial is a complete ERP solution capable of managing complex manufacturing businesses. With built-in functionalities to offer full transparency across all business operations, it is also capable of managing manpower and capturing data from machines using IoT. It even constantly supplies you with real-time data about the tools, processes, and team collaboration to help you get complete visibility into the business.

It offers different features to manufacturing businesses, like built-in CRM functionality, a customer service dashboard, built-in HR functionality, payroll management, the availability of third-party integration, an expense management module, vendor performance tracking, and much more.

11. Absolute ERP

Absolute ERP is a proper cloud-based ERP solution for manufacturing that not only serves manufacturing businesses but also caters its services to the service and trading industries. Built for small and large organisations, it streamlines the different manufacturing processes with a unified database. One of the essential features of this ERP solution is finding weak business operations and working on them until they start performing well.

Absolute ERP offers various features that include managing complex processes, boosting results, managing different work floors, streamlining customer management, supply chain management, promoting collaboration, and accelerating business efficiency.


ORION is a modular ERP solution that offers management of financial as well as manufacturing business processes. Equipped with BI, it comes with a unified database to let users access the data from anywhere, whenever needed. It also comes with automation that helps the users automate recurring or manual processes, resulting in maximised output.

ORION manufacturing ERP offers various features, like a sturdy supply chain, smooth inventory management, cost-effectiveness for small businesses, tracking budgets, cash management, material management, and production cycle management.


PLEX Manufacturing ERP streamlines business processes and manages the entire business, from the plant floor to automating recurring operations. Embedded with AI, IoT, and BI technologies, PLEX accelerates collaboration between machines and people. Plex pricing is based on a subscription model that eliminates the financial burden of a perpetual licence.

It comes with various features that include finance management, financial reporting, asset tracking, cash flow management, managing quality processes, building standardised parameters, tracking entire sales data, and forecasting product demands..

Which Manufacturing ERP Solution Suits you Best?

The selection of the best ERP solution for the manufacturing industry depends on your specific business requirements. Firstly, you need to understand your business and its requirements. Thereafter, you proceed to choose a solution that caters to your business's needs and demands.

In complex scenarios, understanding a business can be a hectic task. In such a case, you can contact Dynamics Square to help you choose the perfect ERP solution for your manufacturing business.

Around the globe, we are providing our reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective services to 500+ clients with the help of 150+ technical consultants. Our motto is to offer seamless service while providing the best customer experience to all businesses.

In case of need, write us a mail at or call us directly at 0207 193 2502 for rapid support.

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