What is the Difference between Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise vs Professional?

Sales are considered as the essential element of a business that must be managed precisely and without any error. Businesses need to understand the usefulness of different solutions to manage sales processes of the business. With the implementation of a perfect sales CRM solution, businesses can start dealing with all sales processes while investing efforts in the right direction to maximise growth and minimise complexity.

Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful CRM solution developed by Microsoft to manage complex sales operations while pushing a business to achieve goals. It can help you build strong relationships with customers by leveraging the power of data insights.

You can utilise real-time data to make actionable decisions for enhancing the quality of different sales activities. D365 Sales enables the sales representatives to manage all customer demands and build long-term relationships with them to generate recurring revenue. This solution manages and tracks the customer from becoming a prospective customer to becoming a recurring client. Microsoft Dynamics Sales also helps the business nurture customers during the sales timeline while giving customers what they require to move forward in the sales cycle.

Comparison Between Dynamics 365 Sales Professional vs Enterprise

The Dynamics 365 Sales Professional is a basic licencing plan, whereas the Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise offers more tools and capabilities to deal with complex sales activities. A user with Sales Enterprise licencing can use all tools available in professional licencing, but a user with professional licencing cannot access the tools available in the enterprise plan.

Sales professionals come with limitations when it comes to the usage of a few features, like:

  • Report and Dashboard Customisations – 5
  • Custom Entities – 15
  • Custom Queues – 15
  • Custom Form – 2
  • Third Party App Install – 10

What’s best for you - Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise?

Choosing the best licencing plan depends on your business requirements. If you want a licencing plan to perform the basic sales activities using D365 Sales, you can go with it without any issue. With this licencing plan, you can avail of features like:

  • Leads Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Quotes Management

If you want to avail automation features to enhance sales capabilities while focusing on strengthening customer relationships, go with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise. With this licence, you will get:

  • Territory Management
  • Forecasting
  • Competitor Tracking
  • AI Intelligence
  • Sales Workflow

In both licences, you will get the same cloud storage limit, but with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, you will get extra storage as follows:

  • Common Data Service Database Capacity: 250 MB per User Licence
  • Common Data Service File Capacity: 2GB per user licence

Based on business requirements, Dynamics Sales 365 is available in five licencing options that are listed below:

Sales Professional

Sales Professional is a basic Dynamics 365 Sales licence that offers core sales features and capabilities to its users. Also, it offers integration with other solutions in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

Sales Enterprise

Automate different sales operations to enhance efficiency and user productivity. From registering a lead to nurturing it until it gets converted, you can leverage the powerful capabilities of D365 Sales to close more clients with customised tools.

Sales Premium

The Sales Premium is an AI-enabled variant that comes with all the capabilities of the Sales Enterprise. Along with enterprise, it comes with different features as well, including contextual insights, a sales accelerator, and conversion intelligence. The Sales Premium licence can help you utilise the real-time data interaction you have with your customers to offer an enriched customer experience. Also, it enables you to build strong relationships with customers while building more sales opportunities.

Relationship Sales

Relationship Sales is a combination of Sales Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help you offer personalised sales interactions to nurture maximum leads with minimum effort. You can save different customer accounts, pitch with personalised messages, track lead status, build a sales workflow, and directly connect with prospects.

Microsoft Sales Copilot

With the power of AI (artificial intelligence), automation, and BI (business intelligence), enable great customer engagement using sales intelligence. You can perform different tasks with Sales Copilot, which include asking questions, finding relevant resources, resolving issues, and building stronger relationships with customers. Overall, it can help you with enhanced seller productivity, save time, and give more capabilities to users.

Can we upgrade from Professional to Sales Enterprise?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your Dynamics 365 licencing plan from a professional to an enterprise or sales premium plan. Based on your changing business requirements, you can upgrade your licence without any hassle.
If you have any questions or issues with any of the licencing plans, feel free to write us a message at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 for instant support.

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