Boost Efficiency and Productivity in Business Central with Power Platform Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a powerful and flexible ERP solution developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Embedded with advanced AI and BI technology, Business Central connects different departments and streamlines operations for maximised profitability.

D365 Business Central eliminates data silos from the system with a centralised approach, connecting everything with everyone. Whether it is managing finances or controlling core growth business processes, Business Central offers you a holistic view of the entire business, consisting of different departments.

You can lower the intensity of recurring and manual processes with advanced automation and obtain real-time data insights to make informed decisions. Business Central comes with tools and capabilities that none of its competitors are offering.

However, we can enhance the standard capabilities of Business Central with Power Platform integration. Microsoft offers one-click integration with native business solutions for the ease of accessibility for users.

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of four advanced solutions that perfectly integrate with Business Central to empower you with some advanced capabilities. After integration, you can automate tasks, build custom no-code applications, visualise data to gain insights, and build websites with ease.

Based on your business requirements, you can integrate Business Central with any of the Power Platform solutions to power up your business productivity. The core benefits you will get from Business Central with Power Platform integration are:

Business Central with Power BI Integration

Microsoft Power BI is an excellent tool that lets users analyse huge amounts of data, visualise it, and extract important information to make data-driven decisions. It offers intelligent data insights that unlock the data to extract useful information from it.

Earlier, large or enterprise businesses used to extract the information available in data to make actionable decisions. To understand the sharp market fluctuations and understand customer behaviour, small and medium businesses have started adapting to getting smart data insights for business growth.

Microsoft Power BI is a flexible data analytics tool that can be integrated into all businesses, whether small, medium, or large, to offer valuable insights through the Business Central interface. There are numerous benefits of Business Central with Power BI integration, among which some are listed below:

  • Seamless data reporting
  • Boost decision making
  • Effective data visualisation
  • Real-time data insights dashboard
  • Easily connects to multiple data sources

Business Central with Power Automate Integration

Power Automate, earlier known as Microsoft Flow, empowers businesses to avail process automation, workflow control, and power up collaboration among departments. It helps you create automated workflows between applications or services with a low-code approach.

Such workflows can be triggered by an event or response that includes file updates, record updates, and the collection of new information. It works on a simple methodology in which, whenever an event is triggered, the system will notify the user instantly.

Microsoft Power Automate with Business Central enables enhanced productivity and allows users to set up automated workflows without writing even a line of code. You can leverage pre-built connectors to connect Business Central with other applications and save a lot of effort. Some of the benefits of Business Central with Power Automate are:

  • Automated workflow
  • Reduced process time
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Increased productivity
  • Seamless data collection

Business Central with Power Apps Integration

Microsoft Power Apps enables a business to build low-code applications to simplify its complex operations. You can build personalised applications to justify the unique demands or processes of a business with minimal effort.

It comes with a user-friendly and interactive user interface that enhances the process of data approval with custom dashboards. Also, it enables users to get real-time insights into KPIs (key performance indicators) to process data-driven decision-making.

Microsoft Power Apps with Business Central empower a system to work fast by building a perfect solution from scratch without using any code. You can even utilise the endless possibilities of Copilot to design and deploy apps in Power Apps. Some of the core benefits of Business Central integration with Power Apps are:

  • Personalised App development
  • Reduced development cost
  • Real-time data visibility
  • Increased data mobility
  • Lower processing time

Business Central with Power Pages Integration

Microsoft Power Pages allow users to build low-code, interactive, modern, and secure websites or pages. There is no need to gain extensive coding skills or become a pro-developer to access Power Pages. Even if you are a beginner in the world of building websites, Power Pages stands by your side.

Regardless of the urgency of a service or a product, a non-technical employee can build the website from scratch using the simple and interactive features in no time. It consists of four major elements that are Design Studio, Template Hub, Learning Hub, and Code Editor.

Power Pages with Business Central integration enables you to build, configure, and deploy websites based on your requirements. However, it only works with native tables, as virtual tables aren’t supported with this integration. Some major benefits of Business Central with Power Pages integration are:

  • Comes with self-service portals
  • Establish sustainable communication
  • Lowered risk of data exposure
  • Simplified data management
  • User-friendly user-interface

Business Central with Power Platform Integration: Supercharge Your Business Growth

With the digital transformation, businesses are changing and adapting the latest technologies to stay updated with trends. This empowers businesses to operate efficiently and profitably by leveraging data-driven insights. The integration of Business Central with the applications of Power Platform is supporting businesses to achieve such goals.

Automating tasks, building workflows, and visualising large amounts of data can unlock a significant amount of productivity and customer service you are looking for.

With these high-tech tools, you don’t just need to manage your business; you need to transform it. Utilise the advanced capabilities of the Power Platform in your business and supercharge your business growth.

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Nitesh Sharma

Nitesh, the Sales Head at Dynamics Square UK, is instrumental in enabling businesses to scale effectively, leveraging Microsoft cloud technologies like Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, Copilot, and more.


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