Yavrio Integration with Business Central: Streamline all Banking Transactions

Yavrio integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central allows users to get real-time bank feeds, payment transaction details, and more features. It empowers businesses to know about each activity happening in their bank account directly from Business Central dashboard.

Isn’t it smart?

Before diving deep into the benefits of Yaviro bank integration with D365 Business Central, let's understand Yavrio and its need for businesses.

What is Yavrio Open Banking?

Yavrio is a Microsoft ISV (independent software vendor) partner that offers a robust solution to integrate all banking activities with Business Central. Built on the structure of Open Banking Technology, Yavrio Open Banking allows businesses to establish a sustainable connection between bank accounts and Business Central.

Generally, businesses have to wait for 30 days or a month to get detailed financial transactions from the bank. With Yavrio Open Banking integration, a business can get all such details in real time from all bank accounts.

Also, it offers an uninterrupted number of secured transactions across all accounts to track all financial activity, from small to large. Also, this powerful combination allows you to access the payment journal to send payments directly to vendors by leveraging business-focused data security.

You might be concerned about the security of your financial transactions. Yavrio Open Banking comes with encrypted, time-tested, and bank-grade security to protect your data. This will make your transactions fully secure from any kind of phishing or cyberattack.

What is the need for Yavrio Open Banking integration with Business Central?

Businesses include a lot of financial processes that require the transfer of information from bank accounts to the business. Such processes are accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and more.

The process of sharing Excel sheets in the form of CSV files throughout the financial departments has become cumbersome and complicated due to various reasons. It might be the complexity of finances or the growth of the organization, but businesses require a modern solution to connect bank accounts with BC.

Yavrio Open Banking app allows businesses to establish a direct connection between their bank accounts and Business Central. Once there is a connection, the businesses will be able to eliminate the manual ways of tracking Business Central bank reconciliations and transactions.

With user-friendly authentication, Yavrio lets you collect bank feeds in real-time, regardless of the number of updates.

Benefits of Yavrio Open Banking

Due to open banking technology, Yavrio offers plenty of benefits to businesses, which are discussed next:

  • Enable businesses to fetch their financial data from the bank whenever required.
  • Improves the financial visibility of the organisation.
  • Empowers businesses to get full control of all banking transactions in real-time.
  • Yavrio shows data from different bank accounts on the same dashboard.
  • Businesses can access the payment journal to directly pay vendors, like an instant bank transfer.
  • Reduces overall costs and service fees on all transactions.
  • It comes with a greater customer experience to let you access the interface with ease.

How to integrate Yavrio Open Banking with Business Central?

The process to integrate these two tools is simple but can be complicated in the event of any unexpected error or if you do not follow the steps precisely. Check out the below steps to integrate Business Central with Yavrio Open Banking.

  • Go to Microsoft AppSource and search for the Yavrio Open Banking extension.

  • Once you click on the Free Trial button, it will take you to Business Central, where you need to integrate this application.
  • Before accessing Yavrio, you need to create an account within Business Central. Search for “Yavrio Setup” and submit the necessary details to set up your application.
  • Once you set up your application, you need to connect your bank accounts with Yavrio so that you can make direct banking transactions. Search for Bank Statement Service and select Connect Bank Accounts.
  • Now, you are ready to get live bank feeds directly on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central dashboard.

How can Dynamics Square help you integrate Yavrio Open Banking?

In this blog, we have discussed the business-centric benefits of Yavrio and the procedure to integrate it with D365 Business Central. There are certain possibilities that you may have to face some issues while establishing the connection between these two applications. In such a scenario, feel free to contact UK’s leading Microsoft Solutions partner, Dynamics Square.

We have been offering are seamless, reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective Business Central service to global businesses. Accelerate your business growth and scalability leveraging the experience and expertise we have in offering Business Central support. With 150+ technical consultants and 500+ clients, we have become a perfect option for businesses that want to grow.

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