Dynamics 365
For NonProfit

Manage Funds, Track Resources, and Streamline Manpower to drive full Transparency and Growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Nonprofits.


Supercharge your Charity
With Dynamics 365 Solutions

Engage volunteers, manage grants, track expenses, and share real-time reports with donors, stakeholders, or staff by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits.

Dynamics 365 for nonprofits empowers the charity with powerful tools to manage cash flow at each milestone of an investment or expense. Also, it lets you build real-time financial summary reports to inform donors, board members, and volunteers about different donations.

Dynamics 365 for charities offers an end-to-end donation management system to manage, track, and monitor all donations while monitoring expenses for report generation. Embedded with AI (artificial intelligence), it eliminates most of the monotonous and recurring tasks from the system to accelerate efficiency and productivity.

Why Implement
Dynamics 365
for Nonprofits

Being a simple yet powerful solution to manage various charity tasks, Dynamics 365 Nonprofits is the perfect solution for small, medium, and large charities. Implementing this solution, you can manage donations, NFP trust funds, general expenses, bank reconciliation, electronic payments, and staff payroll.

Manage donations, expenditures, resources, and manpower while reporting to board members in real-time.

Automate cash-flow management and track restricted funds to focus more on charity growth rather than managing different core activities.

Streamline budgeting to monitor all projects while distributing funds equally.

Transform the way you interact with donors and the public to build a sustainable relationship with them.

Utilise data to make actionable decisions for greater impact in society.

Ensure the success of your fund-raising campaign and drive real-time collaboration with volunteers to attain mission success.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Nonprofits Features


Unified Data Dashboard

Get a complete, holistic view of your entire charity through a single, unified dashboard. You can avail yourself of data like donation history, marketing campaigns, available resources, and more.


Seamless Collaboration

Being a cloud-based solution, it offers a collaborative platform where donors, employees, and stakeholders can communicate together, anytime and anywhere.


Global Data Access

You can access the data, track available resources, monitor donations, and get real-time reporting 24 hours a day, whenever needed.

Program Delivery

Funds Management

You can track the receipt of funds, allotment, and distribution - from start to finish. Also, you can set up fund reminder automation to receive recurring grants before they expire.


Fundraising & Membership Management

You can access a nonprofit accelerator to track your high-end fundraising activities. Also, you can create different membership levels and track them in real time.

Finance & CRM Data Integrator

Resource Management

Manage and allot resources to different projects based on their requirements. Also, you can track the restricted funds and distribute them wherever required.


Data Reporting

Build real-time reports to get essential insights into the nonprofit organisation. This data will empower you to make actionable decisions with greater impact.


Donation & Award Management

Get a single, real-time view of your donations and award data while tracking them with Dynamics 365 for non-profits.

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Boost the Cash Flow with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Non-profit

Accelerate and streamline the cash flow while distributing the funds for the right cause. Want to know how?

Implement Technology to
Make a Significant Impact on society.

Management of charity processes isn't an easy task as it requires less resources, less manpower, and less funds. With the scarcity of resources, there remains pressure on charities to perform better than expected.

The of modern solutions, like Dynamics 365, can empower you to leverage the power of technology for your nonprofit's growth. It lets you manage your charity, NFP accounts, financial grants, global payments, promote collaboration, track expenses, monitor staff activities, and more crucial activities.

Leverage the trust of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make a remarkable impact on society.

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