What is the use of Microsoft Cloud in the healthcare industry?

Microsoft Cloud for the Healthcare Industry is the future for such organisations that want to deliver exceptional patient care while connecting teams for a collaborative approach. It enables the healthcare industry to accelerate innovation, accept technology, and deliver exceptional patient experiences. Before understanding how this solution works, let’s understand the need for such AI-powered healthcare solutions for a growing industry.

We have just gone through the COVID-19 pandemic, where our global healthcare systems failed to respond as we had expected them to. This pandemic has taught us where we stand and what we need to prepare for the next similar outburst.

Analysing different variables and parameters, we learned the need for innovations, technology, and advanced solutions to deal with such an issue. The addition of centralised communication and real-time data to our existing healthcare system would be big add-ons. These are the standard capabilities for any healthcare ERP solution. However, there are other capabilities as well that we require to make the healthcare industry strong and powerful.

Microsoft Cloud for the healthcare industry is a suite of cloud-based solutions that offers robust tools and capabilities to streamline a healthcare business. These solutions come embedded with AI technology to offer automation, eliminate redundancies from the system, boost productivity, provide operational data insights, and drive better clinical results.

This solution is basically built for pharmaceutical and medical technology businesses with the aim of empowering everyone and adapting to the modern needs of the organisation. Also, it lets you adhere to global compliance standards and offers full data security.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and its Offerings

Dynamics 365 for healthcare is perfect from different perspectives and offers specific capabilities as per the role. Some of its services, as per different industries, are:

Microsoft Cloud for Providers

Providers refer to those doctors and clinics that are offering patients help. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare empowers providers to get connected experiences, seamless clinical documentation, health data management, diagnostic intelligence, and security of their data. Also, it offers a self-service portal and sets up streamlined communications with patients for better care.

Microsoft Cloud for Payers

Here, payers refer to healthcare payors, like patients. Legacy systems are unable to cope with the modern requirements of patients, who want visibility and centralised data along with full security.

Microsoft 365 for healthcare offers a secure platform to deliver healthy patient experiences with a 360-degree view of patient activity. Also, it offers access to historical data on patients along with data on diseases.

Microsoft Cloud in Life Sciences

Microsoft Cloud for the healthcare industry supercharges your workforce with sufficient tools and drives operational efficiency. It empowers the R&D team by digitalising processes and boosting productivity.

Dynamics 365 Cloud understands payor and provider behaviour to offer personalised experiences while securing your data at all costs. It streamlines complex operations, transforms clinical trials, and builds a resilient supply chain.

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Core Capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft Cloud leverages the power of cloud technology, which includes AI and BI, to connect medical institutions with patients. It collaboratively works with the solutions of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ecosystem to offer a unified approach. Some of the solutions that integrate with each other and enhance the performance of a system are Microsoft Azure, Power Platforms, and Dynamics 365. These solutions collaboratively supercharge the system to offer strong capabilities, like

Customised Patient Care

Capture the patient data to offer personalised care based on different parameters. It will help the organisation stay engaged with the patients throughout the health journey to offer the best care, while also keeping the data confidential at all touch points.

Get Real-time Patient insights

Cloud deployment enables the organisation to leverage real-time insights into all tests, reports, and patient activity. It helps you analyse the data and let the clinical representative take effective steps for a better healthcare experience.

Virtual Connectivity

Establish a connection between the patient and the healthcare organisation through a virtual, high-quality audio and video call. It will keep the organisation connected with the patient, irrespective of treatment, while offering a good level of experience.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Break the barriers between the patient and the healthcare provider with remote patient monitoring. It empowers the organisation to monitor treatment as well as recovery using remote connectivity while guiding patients towards a faster recovery.

Care Collaboration

Connect the frontline workers with each other to share knowledge and collaborate efficiently. It promotes an optimum level of patient care, strengthens team bonding, and enhances overall performance.

Get Clinical Analytics

You can connect multiple data sources to the Microsoft cloud to fetch useful information from various sources. It will enable you to perform predictive data analytics to find clinical trends and improve patient care. You can utilise this capability using different solutions that include Azure Health Data Services, text analytics for health, and patient population dashboards.

Dynamics Square: Your Partner in Transforming Healthcare with Microsoft Cloud

We, Dynamics Square, are a trusted and reliable Microsoft solutions partner that empowers healthcare organisations to leverage the full potential of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. We offer:

Seamless Implementation: Our experienced consultants have a proven track record of successful Dynamics 365 implementations.  We can guide you through every step of the cloud migration process, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your workflow.

Industry Expertise: We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers.  Our team combines in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Cloud solutions with healthcare industry best practices to deliver customised solutions that meet your specific needs.

Enhanced Patient Engagement: Dynamics Square can help you implement Microsoft Cloud features that foster better patient communication, such as patient portals.  This can lead to increased patient satisfaction and improved treatment outcomes.

In case of need, feel free to write us an email at info@dynamicssquare.co.uk or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 for more information.


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