Microsoft Inspire: Empower Partners with AI for Customer Success

Inspire is just a five-letter word but has a deep meaning that can revolutionise someone’s life for the better. It takes positivity, trustworthiness, and compassion to transform someone for the better.

Microsoft Inspire, a product launch event, follows the same companionship as the original. It was an AI-focused event that empowers businesses to recognise the efforts a partner puts into your customer's success. The launches of different products will create exciting opportunities for partners to offer better customer experiences. This will enable them to explore different ways of keeping customers engaged with different Microsoft products.

At this event, Microsoft announced the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards to acknowledge their 400,000 + worldwide partners. These awards recognise the efforts of partners who are working hard to provide exceptional services on behalf of Microsoft.

The core focus of Microsoft is on pushing AI (artificial intelligence) to offer transformative tools for partners as well as customers. Microsoft launches various AI-powered solutions to drive customer success, leveraging the power of AI while solving their biggest business challenges.

Some of the important launches are as follows:

Bing Chat Enterprise

Businesses are more concerned about their data and its security. Such companies want to embed AI into their systems but have concerns about data protection and security. For such organisations that want to access AI-powered chats, Microsoft launches Bing Chat Enterprise, which offers full protection of their data while offering relevant and efficient answers.

For the existing licenced users of Microsoft 365 Products, Business Premium, and Business Standard, they can access Bing Chat Enterprise at no charge. Also, Microsoft has announced that in the near future, they will offer this add-on at a monthly subscription of £3.89 ($5) per user.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Pricing Announcement

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President & Consumer Chief at Microsoft, has announced the Microsoft Co-pilot pricing. Up until now, it has been available to the public for free. But, from now on, Businesses have to pay £23.36 ($30) per user per month. This pricing is for commercial customers who are accessing different Microsoft business applications for company growth.

Microsoft Copilot is an advanced solution embedded with generative AI that offers a new way of reasoning. It will act like a personal assistant to help you with real-time transcription, streamlining data management, combining different processes to find a specific answer, and finding relevant information to provide you with the most justifiable answer to your query.

Use Case:

Virgin Money, the UK’s top financial service provider, is leveraging Power Virtual Agents to build different chat bots for specific issues. They have empowered their Customer Service Department to build personalised chatbots using Co-pilot and Power Platform to streamline customer queries without any involvement of representatives. These chatbots fetch data from different sources, including internal knowledge sources and web data enabled through Bing search, to solve queries.

Empowering Partners and Agents through AI

The core requirement of a sales professional is having powerful and simple tools to deal with different sales operations. Microsoft understood this concern and integrated Microsoft Sales Copilot with Microsoft Dynamics Sales.

Now, you will be able to generate a summary through AI of calls and emails, prepare information for meetings, and draught meaningful emails. These interactive features will empower the sales team to access automation, enhance productivity, and close more deals while getting actionable insights throughout the customer sales journey. Also, it will let you personalise the experience you are offering to the customers for better reach and maximised results.

Process Mining in Power Automate

Business owners believe that there is always room for improvement, whether in a process, workflow, or strategy. Businesses put a lot of effort and resources into finding flaws in existing systems and resolving them with a solution.

Introducing Power Automate Process Mining, an AI-enabled solution to find issues in the existing business operation and optimise them for enhanced efficiency. Process Mining empowers the users to get a transparent view of the entire business operation at each milestone. Once you have the cause, you can build a perfect low-code solution using the Power Platform.

Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

Recently, Microsoft launched a partner program called Microsoft Solutions Partners, replacing Microsoft Certified Gold or Silver Partners. Now, Microsoft launches the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, which enables every partner to deliver exceptional customer service and experience by leveraging the power of Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft AI.

All the existing Microsoft partners will automatically move to this new program with immediate effect while keeping their existing designations and benefits. This new program will empower partners to avail themselves of the benefits of the previous program while getting the new offerings of the AI Cloud Partner Program.

These are the few announcements Microsoft has made at this event. To view the full event or key moments, you can access the Microsoft Inspire 2023 official page.

However, for more detailed information, you can contact Dynamics Square, a UK-based Microsoft Solutions Partner offering its services to streamline Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

Kapil Jangid

Kapil Jangid is a Digital Marketing expert with an aim of uplifting businesses through cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). He has more than 8+ years of experience working with numerous SaaS companies, driving brand awareness, and enhancing revenue opportunities.


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