Case Management in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Track and boost the issue resolution process along with offering an ideal customer experience with Case Management in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.


What is Case Management Module in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Case management is a module that comes standard with any of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service licences (enterprise or professional). It offers numerous tools and functionalities to help agents manage caseloads with minimum effort while maintaining a good case lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is an advanced solution to help you deliver the best customer experience using limited resources. It unifies different communication channels and analyses the data to offer personalised interaction to customers.

It comes with modern tools and capabilities to manage multiple communication channels, collect data, build a productive workflow, and provide an interactive customer experience.

You can create customisable forms to collect as much data as possible and classify different cases in groups for the ease of agents.

It captures customers' data using different communication channels and centralises it to make it easily accessible for all business executives.

Leverage the power of AI to build automated system workflows to eliminate recurring tasks that include escalation and case routing.

Access the huge knowledge base to get access to valuable knowledge in the form of articles and solutions for faster resolution.

Set up and manage different SLAs (service level agreements) to specify timelines and ensure timely delivery of the service or product.

Track all accounts to maintain the service history of cases, inquiries, requests, and issues. Also, access customer data to offer personalised interactions.

Establish a consistent communication bridge between customers and the business for smooth communication using different channels.

You can track and monitor various cases until they get resolved. Also, you can boost the process or optimise resources in real-time to enhance profitability.

Streamline Case Management with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Implement Dynamics 365 Customer Service to simplify the entire processes of creating, accepting and resolving tickets. Connect with a Dynamics 365 consultant to personalize Customer Service to suit your business needs.

What is the Case?

A case occurs when a product or service that is supposed to function properly fails due to some situation or incident. Once such an incident happens in an organisation, the customer reports the issue to get it resolved ASAP so that operations can be resumed.

There are different kinds of situations, among which the major ones are:


When the customer has a question about your service or the product, it is considered a case.


When the customer raises a request to let the business take action to resolve the incident, it is known as a request.


When the customer encounters a malfunction or a problem with the service or the product, that must be resolved to resume operations.

Core Functionalities of Case Management Module

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is one such high-tech business solution that enables businesses to provide reliable customer service and build loyalty among customers.

Case management comes as a standard module with Dynamics 365 Customer Service that tracks all customer issues across different channels to give a unified approach towards issue resolution. It streamlines all inquiries, tracks the entire process, and gives real-time data until the issue gets resolved.

  • Case Creation and Tracking
  • Routing and Escalation
  • SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Knowledge Base Integration
  • Activity Management
  • Email Integration
  • Mobile App Access

  • Audit Trails
  • Record Creation and Update Rules
  • Business Process Flows
  • Social Media Integration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Duplicate Data Detection
  • Bulk Editing

Dynamics 365 Case Management Benefits

Resolve cases faster and build loyal customers leverage advanced tools and functionalities of D365 Customer Service. It offers numerous benefits, among which some are listed below:


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

You can utilise your business infrastructure to resolve customer issues in minimal time with an efficient resolution. With streamlined workflows, omnichannel support, and a self-service portal, you can enhance overall customer satisfaction to build loyalty and trust.


Maximised Productivity

Utilise the power of cloud deployment and AI to automate different tasks at once and access real-time data to make data-driven, actionable decisions. Reduce repetitive tasks, access centralised data, and empower agents with a knowledge base to enhance overall productivity.


Effective Communication

Establish strong and consistent communication between the executive and customers to streamline different operations and maximise results. It lets you gain insights, connect the entire business, and optimise processes for better output.


Data-driven Decision Making

Utilise real-time data insights to make data-driven decisions and contact customers with personalised data to increase customer retention. With data insights, you can generate reports, identify trends, and find areas for business improvement.


Case Management in Different Industries

To become a successful business, you need to take care of two core factors. First is the optimum quality of your product or service, and second is the reliable after-sales support to keep things working in top-notch condition.

In business, no one is aware of unexpected errors and complex issues when a product or service goes wrong. We cannot predict the upcoming error, but we can track and resolve it on time so that the business can resume its processes.

This is where Case Management of Dynamics 365 Customer Service comes in place, and it can be implemented in several industries.

  • Retail and E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and E-Commerce

How do I get Dynamics 365 Customer Service Case Management?

The process of implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Service is easy, but finding the right implementation partner might be a bit difficult. However, you don’t need to invest resources to find a reliable and trustworthy Dynamics 365 partner, as Dynamics Square has got you covered.

We have implemented Dynamics 365 in various industries and trained users to leverage the full capabilities of case management. Due to proper training and the right implementation, businesses are now able to track and resolve all their customer queries, boosting customer satisfaction.

If you want to retain customers with your services and optimum support services, Dynamics 365 Customer Service for Case Management is for you.

In case of any query, write us an email at or call us directly at +44 207 193 2502 to avail instant support.

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