Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales and Order Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of a customer's order, track order processing from quote to delivery, and ensure timely delivery with Dynamics 365 Business Central for Sales and Order Management.


What is Dynamics 365 Business Central for Sales and Order Management?

D365 Business Central for Sales and Order Management is a cloud-based solution capable of automating and streamlining the entire sales and order cycle of the business. It manages the order from the initial quote to the final delivery of the order while simplifying different operations.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Sales and Order Management is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses to centralise all operations and boost overall efficiency. It enables you to manage quotes, customer profiles, inventory levels, and suggest products based on customer history.

Embedded AI enables the business to avail of automation, efficient shipping management, and get data reports in real-time.

Create, edit, and update quotes to ensure a good reputation with the customer. Also, it enables you to send professional quotes with detailed product descriptions to generate more conversions.

Streamline order processing with advanced tools, like order splitting, partial shipments, order tracking, and backorders in real-time.

Business Central easily integrates with third-party shipping solutions to make the entire process of shipping and fulfilment simple and effective.

Business Central comes with standard reporting and data analytics capabilities that enable the user to capture, analyse, and utilise data with ease. Also, you can integrate Power BI for advanced reporting.

Stop Struggling, Start Growing: Streamline Sales & Orders with Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation will empower you to make data-driven decisions to optimise your entire sales and order management strategies. It lets you access inventory levels, market fluctuations, customer trends, and sales performance so that you can generate more revenue with minimal effort.

Core Functionalities of the Sales and Order Management Module

The sales and order management module of Business Central comes with smart intelligence to help you with inventory management, invoicing, payments, and streamlining customer profiles. Also, it lets you access the data insights so that you can build personalised offers for customers for more efficient sales. The D365 Business Central offers numerous sales and order management functionalities, among which some are discussed below:

  • Lead Generation
  • Quote Creation
  • Order Processing
  • Order Management
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Centralised communication
  • Customer Management
  • Automated Workflows

  • Order Management
  • Customer Profiles
  • Real-time Inventory levels
  • Order Confirmation
  • Invoice Management
  • Accepting Payments
  • Data Analysis
  • Reports Generation

D365 Business Central Sales and Order Management Benefits

Sales and Order Management offers real-time data visibility across all sales and order operations with total accuracy. You can even track the status of orders, invoices, and quotes to accelerate the process. Some of its core benefits are:


Boost Efficiency and Save Time

You can automate various manual and recurring tasks to enhance overall efficiency. Such tasks include order processing, shipping, approvals, and invoicing. Also, perform faster processing and delivery by leveraging the advanced Business Central tools, resulting in lower operational costs.


Enhancing Accuracy and Reducing Errors

Get real-time visibility across different business operations while eliminating manual data entry from the system to minimise errors. D365 Business Central pushes the business to increase customer satisfaction, reduce order cancellations, and enhance profitability.


Get Data-Driven Insights

Track sales, performance, and order status with accurate data reporting and analytics to make data-driven, actionable decisions. It lets you access customer behaviour, product performance, inventory status, and market trends to optimise inventory levels and drive business growth.


Accelerates Remote Work and Sales

Manage, monitor, and control your sales activities from anytime and anywhere with the Business Central cloud implementation. It empowers the team to connect with the centralised system and access the data to maximise sales performance with enhanced team collaboration.


Sales and Order Management in Industries

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Sales and Order Management is a comprehensive tool that offers advanced tools and capabilities for managing different complex operations. This module has become an essential tool to eliminate redundant and complex tasks from the system. The Business Central implementation will boost overall efficiency, eliminate errors from the system, gain data-driven insights, and boost mobile sales.

  • Distribution and wholesale
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • E-commerce healthcare
  • Non-profit Organisations

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