Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management

Track project activities, assign jobs, allocate resources, and control budgets to ensure project success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management.


What Is Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management?

Project Management is an essential part of a business as it contains different important tasks that include tracking project progress, eliminating issues, connecting teams, streamlining resources, and meeting project deadlines. Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you simplify the management of different projects while pushing them towards success.

With the Project Management module of Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can assign jobs, configure requirements, allocate resources, manage budgets, and track the progress of each job. Also, you can leverage the timesheets to track your workforce and machine movements in real-time.

The Project Management module will empower the project managers to get total visibility across different projects while tracking resources on each project.

Give role-based access to all employees based on their job profile. It will enable employees to focus on their task, maximising productivity, rather than getting stuck with unrelated data.

Track project progress in real-time and make informed decisions to maximise the project's profitability. Avial business intelligence is used to track resource utilisation and drive project success.

Track the efficiency of each project and allot resources accordingly to enable efficient utilization. Also, you can prepare invoices based on planned and employed resources.

Track all timesheets and jobs to forecast the overall project cost. Create reports, manage budgets, and perform advanced job costing to lower costs and maximise profitability.

Accelerate Projects and Maximise Profits with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Track material consumption, record task status, justify the financial value of a job, manage timesheets, and more with Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management.

Core functionalities of Project Management Module

The project management module of Business Central offers various core functionalities so that you can streamline all projects while pushing them towards great efficiency. Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you achieve project success by leveraging advanced project management tools. Also, it enables you to allocate resources, manage costs, and manage the finances of all projects with real-time insights to help you attain maximum ROI.

  • Resource Management
  • Job Lifecycle Management
  • Document Capture
  • Multiple Cost Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Expense Recording

  • Time Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Time Sheet
  • Budgeting
  • Job Management
  • Document Managemen

Business Central in Project Management Benefits: Simple and Advanced

The Project Management module of Business Central offers numerous benefits that empower project managers to perform timely deliveries, lower operational costs, and increase revenue. Some of the core benefits are:


Track Cost with WIP Method

WIP (work in progress) enables you to track all expenses incurred in a job and estimate its overall cost. This provides real-time cost insights, enhanced budget control, and justifies financial value in the general ledger. You can easily calculate the WIP cost and record it in the general ledger for accurate financial reporting.


Monitor Job Performance

Maintain and report accurate financial statements while tracking the consumption of materials and resources. Also, you can monitor job performance using real-time insights and make actionable decisions to enhance efficiency.


Efficient Team Collaboration

Establish a strong connection between all employees, whether working in-house or as field executives. Empower your diverse employees to work as a team and align on different projects altogether.

Simplify Budget-Tracking-and-Distribution

Simplify Budget Tracking and Distribution

Efficiently manage budget distribution and tracking with the Project Management module of Business Central. Track costs, simplify revenue generation, and generate reports to ensure project success and financial stability.


Project Management in Different Industries

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Project Management is a strong solution for businesses and can be adopted in different industries. Due to the diverse set of advanced project management tools, it offers powerful capabilities for streamlining different processes, monitoring project progress, promoting team collaboration, and boosting efficiency. From construction to the IT industry, you can leverage its functionalities to simplify project management and accelerate overall business growth.

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • IT Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Automotive Industry

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