Dynamics 365 Business Central for Financial Management

Simplify financial management, automate complex tasks, make informed decisions, and get advanced reporting capabilities to achieve higher business growth.


What is Dynamics 365 Business Central Financial Management?

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Financial Management is an in-built module that enables users to centralise entire financial data and offer a 360-degree view of all financial activities. With real-time data insights, it empowers the business to make actionable decisions at the right time to enhance process effectiveness.

Business Central Financial Management optimises all financial operations to maximise efficiency and operational effectiveness. With embedded insights and AI-enabled features, it allows you to digitalize your business while building long-term and short-term budgeting strategies.

You can access Business Central functionalities based on your business needs and simplify your accounts payable, receivable, and general ledger. The financial management modules of Business Central come standard with the Essentials and Premium licencing plans. Some of the core features of financial management modules are:

Maintain, track, and streamline the financial transactions of all accounts to build accurate financial reports. Manage all accounts to track assets, liabilities, and expenses to calculate overall revenue.

Settle all accounts receivable and payable using automated tools and calculate overall revenue. Also, track all financial transactions, including credits and debits, to perform a good bookkeeping process.

Maintain a good practice of controlling the credit and debit of all customers while managing their accounts. Manage all timely credit and debit collections to smooth the cash flow for better revenue generation.

Operate your business in more than one country to establish an international business. Centralise all customers regardless of their currency to maintain all transactions in a currency of your choice.

Simplify your Financial Operations with D365 Business Central

Implement Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline and simplify all your financial operations while offering insightful reports. It will empower you to keep an eye on your different business processes, from getting a prospect to generating the sales invoice.

Core Functionalities of Financial Management Module

The financial module of Business Central comes with built-in intelligence to support the complex financial needs of the business. It can help you predict the requirements, perform financial forecasts, and optimise performance to make a business active for growth in all dimensions. The Dynamics 365 Business Central offers numerous functionalities to the business, among which some are discussed next:

  • Manage Multiple Currencies
  • Manage Financial Log
  • Bank Account Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Forecast Requirements
  • Assets Allocation
  • Credit Management
  • Budgeting
  • Direct Debits
  • General Ledger Management
  • Allocate Costs
  • Manage Revenue and Expenses
  • Multiple Currency Management
  • Maintaining Cash Flows
  • Invoice Management

D365 Business Central Financial Management Benefits

The financial management module of Business Central offers numerous benefits that can help you get 360° financial control, scale your business to greater heights, provide advanced reporting capabilities, and more. Some of the core benefits are given below:


Get 360° Financial Control

Get 360° visibility of all financial transactions and core processes to simplify decision-making, budgeting, bank reconciliation, and tracking resources.


Advanced Financial Reporting

Reporting is an essential part that makes the business aware of all the activities. It will enable you to build financial reports containing data on all customers, including transactions and resources.


Optimise Resources

Track, maintain, and optimise all resources to enhance the overall efficiency of the business. Manage procurement and inventory data to make realistic financial decisions.


Make Proactive Decisions

Due to the Business Central cloud, you can get real-time insights to make informed decisions across different departments of the business and build a workable financial strategy.


Financial Management in Industries

The financial management module of Business Central offers streamlined account management along with managing customers, goods, and suppliers. Also, it provides great financial visibility and opens businesses to different opportunities for growth. With advanced tools and functionality, it enables the business to scale its processes to meet global customer demands. That's why it is the most suitable ERP solution for almost all businesses that are looking for ways to grow and expand their business. A few of the popular industries where implementing the Business Central for Finance Management module can be a perfect fit are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Not-for-profit
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Healthcare

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