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Connect with Power BI support partner to analyse and visualise data without interruption and ensure a strong connection between your data and actionable decisions.


Collect, Analyse, and Visualize Data to Create Amazing Data Experiences

Power BI is a simple yet powerful data visualisation tool to help you understand the data and utilise it for continuous and sustainable business growth. Powered by the latest technologies like AI, BI, and ML, it builds a unified platform that accelerates team collaboration, provides data intelligence, and provides a multi-channel experience.


Dynamics Square: Microsoft Certified Power BI Support Partner

When it comes to a successful Power BI implementation in the UK that can accelerate the scalability and profitability of your business, Dynamics Square is the only reliable partner you can rely on. We are committed to providing best-in-class Power BI support to help you rise above the competition, having been a top choice of businesses for the last 11 years.Irrespective of the complexity of an issue you encounter, our experienced and certified team is always available at your call to get your business back on track with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

What makes our Power BI Support Services the right fit for you?

If you are looking for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that offers cost-effective, efficient, powerful, sustainable, and personalised solutions as well as services, we are the right match for your business.

Our Ad-Hoc support model is perfect for those who need assistance with a one-time or short-term assignment. We don't require any commitment from you; we'll simply assess your system's health and suggest the best possible quote that fits your budget and flexibility.

We have designed our 50-hour prepaid-hour support model to support your ongoing business processes. Our prepaid-hours support helps to identify your timely needs and provides you with quick yet customised solutions, enabling a smoother flow across your operations.

Our annual support model is created to provide continuous, reliable support to our clients. By resolving general issues, bugs, and more, we enable a smoother workflow throughout your organisational practices. This way, you can focus on strategic and improved operations for your company.

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Top Reasons to Choose
us as Power BI Support Partner


To ensure that your company can grow strategically, we will customise your Power BI system to meet all your current and future requirements. Even after a successful Power BI implementation, our team will make sure to provide continuous support.


Technologies support businesses while simplifying and optimising their existing processes. As your business grows, we ensure that we adapt new technologies to your system to make it more reliable and supportive.

Ensure Smoother

Understanding the new functions and capabilities of Power BI will let you drive smoother business operations while utilising the large amount of data with ease. Our Power BI experts will guide you through the workings of the system to make it seamless for you.


All businesses are unique and operate in unique ways. We will make sure to personalise your Power BI by implementing the latest technologies, add-ons, and integrations to support your business in tough times too.

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