Dynamics NAV Magento Integration:
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Control inventory levels, track customer data, automate workflows, and manage entire fulfilment with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Magento integration.


Why Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud?

As per 2023 statistics, Magento 1 has 168,000+ and Magento 2 has 100,000+ active e-commerce sites over the web, with over 350,000+ worldwide developers who are helping businesses sell online.


But what exactly is Magento?

It is a CMS (content management system) platform that builds flawless commerce websites for businesses with minimal effort. Based on open-source technology, it offers an interactive user interface, features, functionalities, and powerful tools to build a website while offering an exceptional customer experience.

Acquired by Adobe in 2018 for $1.68 billion (about $5 per person in the US), Magento is now known as Adobe Commerce and comes with advanced AI and data-sharing capabilities to offer exceptional user experience.

Magento lets you adapt the desired persona to open the opportunities of deep analysis, data capture, and intensifying even the minute details of the data. It empowers the developers to build a website that their customers thrive on.

Some of the top benefits of Magento are:

  • Easy to customize (due to drag-and-drop features)
  • Simple to scale
  • SEO friendly
  • Flexible to use
  • Responsive websites

Integrate Magento with Dynamics 365 (NAV)

Organisations are moving from offline to online business to connect with more customers and sell globally. With the growth of a business, complexity comes side by side.

Complexities like tracking processes, optimising core operations, maintaining resources, getting accurate insights, automating tasks, and managing the entire business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP has resolved the issue of business management while offering a unified platform to manage all operations. This is so powerful that it allows 100+ integrations for different tasks to enhance overall efficiency.

Magento is one such integration that flawlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 to let you manage your e-store from a single interface. It enables employees to fetch customer details, sync different orders, manage vendors, capture product information, streamline inventory, and much more.


After the integration of these two powerful applications, you will get:

1 - Self-service portal

Once you connect Adobe Commerce with Dynamics 365, your customers can access a self-service portal that lets them check the latest buying patterns, ongoing trends, available balance, and more.

2 - BI-enabled data

BI (business intelligence) enables employees to access customer data and gain useful insights from it. This makes them offer the best product to the customers they are searching for.

3 - Access automation

The Dynamics 365 Adobe Commerce integration replaces the efforts to process manual and recurring tasks with automation. Also, it eliminates the chances of errors capable of impacting your business in a bad way.

4 - Accurate data insights

With this integration, your e-commerce store data will keep updating in Dynamics 365 in real-time, empowering the team to take proactive decisions based on the collected data.

Key Benefits of integrating Magento with Dynamics NAV?

It syncs all data between Dynamics 365 and the Magento store, including customer billing, invoices, orders, inventory levels, shipping information, product information, and much more.

You can easily customise the data based on customer demand and trends, including gift cards, product pricing, promotions, and coupons.

Your customers can avail themselves of the support to submit order cancellation and refund requests in just a click.

With this integration, you can post special pricing for B2B and wholesale customers (specifically for bulk orders).

Using the Dynamics 365 dashboard, you can easily track the status of returns and cancelled orders so that you can update the inventory in real time.

You can integrate multiple Magento e-commerce stores with a single Dynamics 365 solution without any issues and streamline stores altogether.

Using automation, you can eliminate potential errors that can lead to huge financial and planning losses.

With the integration of Magento with Dynamics NAV, you can customise the entire system based on your core business requirements to make it more productive and efficient.

This integration lets you watch and control all business activities performed through any of the business applications. So that you will have data on all activities performed by other users as well.

You can avail of real-time data insights on inventory, distribution, operations, and other data on a centralised dashboard.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Magento Integration: Your Path for a Successful E-Commerce Store

Integrate your Dynamics 365 (NAV) Business Central with Magento (Adobe Commerce) and supercharge your store with a lot of new functionalities, tools, and benefits.

Why Choose Dynamics Square for Magento Dynamics NAV Integration?

Dynamics Square has been in the Microsoft ERP and CRM implementation industry for the last 12+ years, and we know what modern businesses require to grow fast. Magento integration is one such solution for commerce businesses that can accelerate overall growth while increasing revenue by 2X or 3X.

Trust us, we have seen the results of SMBs that have almost doubled their revenue in 1-2 years by capturing global customers and selling their product worldwide.

If you want to sell your products globally, Magento Dynamics 365 integration is going to simplify your entire business operations and let you focus more on doing business in all directions.

Currently, we have:

  • 12+ years of Partnership with Microsoft
  • 150+ Microsoft Certified Consultants
  • 300+ Global Clients
  • 20+ Microsoft Product Expertise
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 100+ Technical Consultants
  • 24*7/365 Unmatchable Support

With these core features, our team will align the Adobe Commerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 so perfectly that it will revolutionise the way you do business with your customers.

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