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Manage finances, optimise resources, get a complete overview of business, and simplify the entire construction cycle with Dynamics 365 for Construction.


Dynamics 365 for Construction: Streamline Projects, Maximise Profits

The competitiveness of the construction business is increasing with the evolving complexities of dealing with modern scenarios. The sheer competition between construction businesses has made deadlines shorter and margins lower. To compete with other businesses and meet personalised customer demand, Dynamics 365 for Construction is your key to achieving success.

Dynamics 365 for the construction industry is a cloud-based ERP solution that unifies data from different projects, controls finances, accelerates customer engagement, and offers customer insights on single dashboards.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 for Construction?

Construction businesses used to manage, maintain, and track every possible process on spreadsheets, making business management a complicated task. Even the communication between departments is full of inaccuracies and errors due to human intervention.

With Microsoft Dynamics for Construction, eliminate the manual and complicated ways of managing a business with a smarter and more intelligent solution. It empowers businesses to work smarter by automating workflows, optimising resources, and building stable communication between various departments. The advanced tools and capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Construction Business will supercharge business efficiency, reduce operational costs, and push your business to achieve great success.

Streamlined project management that tracks the status of each milestone with real-time updates to the contractor, investor, and vendors.

Get a 100% transparent view of your entire construction business to promote visibility and better profitability.

Control your finances and budgets to maximise output from the resources while building reports for an informed view of projects and sub-projects.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction Features and Functionalities

D365 for Construction offers various features to ease the job of workers, contractors, and suppliers. It is a unified platform to manage construction activities that also offers a comprehensive view of departments, processes, and core construction activities. Some of its other features are:


Manage and Schedule Resources

Remove different methods of managing and scheduling resources with a fully automated Dynamics 365 ERP solution. D365 for Construction empowers you to track and maintain resources while ensuring business profitability.


Enhanced Team Collaboration

Dynamics 365 for Construction offers a stable connection between different departments and employees so that everyone is aware of the existing activities based on their roles. It lets the workers fetch the desired data whenever they need it, like getting invoices, checking remaining budgets, tracking resources, and more.


Seamless Integration

Integrate native Microsoft and third-party applications to increase the capabilities of the Dynamics 365 solution to match the uniqueness of your business. You can integrate any solution available in the Dynamics 365 ecosystem with just a click.


Real-time Reporting

Due to cloud-based deployments, you can access real-time reporting of business processes and activities to gain better control over outputs. Also, you can integrate the D365 ERP or CRM solution with Power BI to power up data analysis and reporting capabilities.


Easy to Scale

With the growth of your business, you can increase the hardware and software you are utilising to deal with various business operations. Cloud server deployment leverages this flexibility for modern businesses to attain more business growth and achieve higher goals.


Comes with Business Intelligence

Dynamics 365 for the construction sector comes with advanced technologies, like BI and IoT, to track all machine health, schedule maintenance, and maintain a consistent flow of data. Also, it lets you track all customer activities while offering historical and predictive data for good customer engagement.


Role-tailored User Interface

Dynamics 365 CRM or ERP solutions offer a role-centric user interface to simplify the utilisation of all tools and capabilities. When you choose a specific role, you will get to see the specific tools and functionalities required to perform your job.


Bulit-in Automation

With AI and BI capabilities, you can automate most of the recurring and manual tasks in the system to boost system efficiency and user productivity. Also, you can automate core construction processes, data sharing between departments, and automated reporting.

What else can Dynamics 365 for Construction do?

Other than the above-listed features, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Construction can do a lot more things, like:

  • Generate operational reports based on various factors
  • Invoice projects based on expense and profit margins
  • Manage orders based on product variations
  • Track contractors and subcontractors for project status
  • Build a bill of materials, resources, and quantities
  • Setup automation and workflows
  • Offers total data privacy
  • Offers mobile accessibility
  • Support employees with the required tools

Build a Smart Business with Dynamics 365 for Construction

Implement the future-ready Dynamics 365 for Construction to help your business boost customer engagement and match up with fluctuating customer demands. The user-friendly interface enables you to automate processes and get data insights in real-time, accelerating profit margins.

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