Business Central vs Finance & Operations: Which one to choose?

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Vs Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is one of the top comparisons among worldwide ERP users. They are looking for a cost-effective and sustainable ERP solution that can easily align with their unique business needs, making a business more agile and efficient. A rightly chosen ERP system can accelerate such businesses' growth while eliminating the complexities of the system.

Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance are among the top ERP solutions that come within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of apps. All D365 business solutions offer an interactive user interface to help you accelerate business performance while maximizing revenue. Before getting started with the true comparison of D365 BC vs D365 F&O, let's understand these solutions a bit.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Specifically built for SMBs, it can streamline your entire business operations and centralize the data for a unified business approach.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations: Built specifically for medium and large enterprises, it can simplify the tasks of finance, operations, and supply chain management, irrespective of their complexity.

Which ERP Platform is the Best for Growing Enterprises?

The following are the most popular Microsoft ERP software:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a new-age all-in-one business management application capable of streamlining the entire operation of a business. It links and manages various departments such as finance, customer service, sales, and supply chain.

On the other hand, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain is an outdated application specifically used to manage finance, distribution, retail, production, and other similar departments. However, it has been divided into two different apps, Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, to deal with specific business operations.


Comparison: Business Central Vs Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Find the description comparison and decide which suits you better:


Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

  • Built for medium and large enterprises.
  • Offers advanced capabilities to process complex tasks in finance, accounting, budgeting, manufacturing, and supply chain management.
  • It comes with built-in data reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • Capable of processing modern supply chain demands, like inventory, procurement, and logistics management.
  • Inbuilt capabilities for managing tax and compliance-related operations.
  • Easy to customise as per specific business demands to streamline complex requirements.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Built for SMBs to offer all-in-one ERP.
  • It comes with powerful capabilities in business management, including financial, inventory, and project management.
  • Being a modular ERP, you can customize it as per your requirements and scale the solution as you grow.
  • A simplified user interface enables users to understand the features and functionalities with ease.
  • Cloud-based deployment lets you connect with the system from anywhere and anytime.
  • It comes with a lower cost of ownership, a low initial investment cost, and high value for money.
FunctionalitiesDynamics 365 Business CentralDynamics 365 Finance and Operations
Number of Users OneMinimum 20
Industry For SMBs For large enterprises
Cost of ownership LowHigh
CRM capabilities In-built CRM (Simple) No
implementation Cost LowApprox. 5 times the BC implementation cost
PricingEssential and Premium licences are £57.50 and £82.20 per month, respectively. For Finance and Supply Chain Management - £147.90 User/Month
User Interface SimpleComplex
User Interface Simple Complex
Reporting Basic (can be integrated with Power BI) Advanced
Manufacturing capabilities Basic that suits small businesses Advanced that suits large businesses
Maintenance Once required Needs frequent maintenance


Choosing the right ERP solution for a business can get highly confusing when you are unable to identify your exact business needs. And you should avoid taking decisions under the influence of another business because all businesses have different requirements and run on different methodologies

A wrong decision can cause huge financial losses and a lot of operational complexities. But the right decision can boost your business's revenue while eliminating redundancies in the system.

So, analyse your business and make a wise decision!

If you are having any kind of issue analysing your business and choosing the right ERP solution for it, our certified consultants can help you find the perfect solution. Connect with us and give your business what it needs most.


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