Case Study

Dynamics NAV 2009 to Business Central Upgrade

Managed extensive college operations with Dynamics 365 Business Central


The college was founded in 2002 and situated in Clapton, London, offering world-class education to international students. It is one of the few colleges that provide courses at all levels, from entry to advanced, as well as vocational courses to assist students in discovering their passion. With their well-qualified, approachable, and friendly staff, they work around the clock to help students choose the best path to success. They accept international students in all courses, resulting in a diverse and positive environment for students that allows them to better understand the world.

What are The
Business Challenges

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They were using traditional automation that resulted in manual and recurring errors, including errors in financial reporting, budgeting, and approvals.

The college experienced significant growth, and it became apparent that they were facing challenges in efficiently managing vast practices involved during college operations.

They faced challenges with the successful management of cash flows, bank reconciliations, costing, fixed assets, banking, and other financial processes using Business Central.

Solution Delivered

Upgraded their NAV system to D365 Business Central


Implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central to enhance productivity & efficiency. This resulted in the successful management of the financial processes using Business Central.


Business Central was tailored to match the college's requirements, including the mapping of budgeting and approval processes, specifically for the procurement process in laboratories.


Seamless integrations with Microsoft apps like Outlook, teams, and Office 365. This results in access to more refined and modern solutions to deal with the extensive college operation processes.


Exceptional educational experience for their students, teachers, and other staff which led to efficient management of their day-to-day activities.


The college transitioned to Business Central, an advanced ERP system with comprehensive features.

Business Central proved to be a flexible and scalable solution, catering to the college's evolving needs in the changing educational landscape.

The implementation of Business Central tailored to match college requirements, providing better automation for finance, accounting, and back-office tasks.

The automation capabilities of Business Central streamlined processes, reducing manual effort and improving collaboration and communication among students, teachers, and staff.

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