Case Study

QuickBooks ERP to Business Central Upgrade

Streamlined different processes of replenishment, purchase, and sales.


The business is an established importer of citric fruits from Morocco, caters to a comprehensive portfolio of UK retailers. They focus on supplying fresh fruits to retailers by growing, packing, and delivering the best product that Morocco has to offer. Their operations are driven by a strong finance process that incorporates balance sheet maintenance, bank reconciliation, cash flow tracking, and maintaining a general ledger.

What are The
Business Challenges

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The company was witnessing major issues pertaining to its inability to manage replenishment processes, purchase processes, and sales processes.

While QuickBooks served the basic accounting requirements, the company's growing needs started to exhibit its limitations. The need for a more comprehensive and integrated solution - something more effectual than Xero accounting, SAGE 50, or SAGE 200, was required to streamline the business.

The company was facing a major delay in real-time coordination and management, particularly in distribution processing, which was leading to operational inefficiencies and stagnant growth.

Solution Delivered

Migrated their system from QuickBooks ERP to D365 Business Central


We streamlined complex business processes, offering a comprehensive, cloud-based business management solution that could help them deliver fresh products.


With Business Central's implementation, they now can optimize their inventory management processes.


Now the company can track inventory levels, manage replenishment, set up automated reorder points, and analyze inventory turnover.


Further, with this implementation, they were able to manage the sales cycle, including lead management, opportunity tracking, quotes, orders, invoicing etc.


The college transitioned to Business Central, an advanced ERP system with comprehensive features.

The company has observed improvements in its warehouse and inventory management processes.

They can easily track and manage fruit inventory levels in real-time, leading to no stockouts, staleness wastage, or delays in distribution.

Efficient automation has reduced manual work, minimized errors, and enhanced process speed. They were able to deliver at a better pace than before.

They can now track real-time coordination and management, specifically in terms of fruit distribution processing.

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