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Microsoft Power BI Support

Resolved data inefficiency issue to get real-time data from different sources.


The business is into offering transformational switchboard and business support services to numerous organisaitons of the UK. They are experts in providing a great customer experience and have been trusted by 31 out of 100 global firms. With 34 years of client experience and being the winner of 12 consecutive years for the Switchboard of the Year award, the business offers an exceptional experience combining knowledge, expertise, creativity, and passion.

What are The
Business Challenges

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Auto refresh of data analysis was not working.

Facing difficulties in collecting data from a source.

Dealing issues with the data retrieval process.

Monitoring the health of reports and dashboards.

Solution Delivered

Offered our cost-effective and reliable Microsoft Power BI support.


Performed permission setup for the service account.


Activated Auto Refresh to empower them with real-time reporting.


Access query folding and query reduction to optimise data retrieval.


Monitor reports and dashboard health using automated data refresh schedules.


They can now build reports and analyse the data with ease.

Access charts, graphs, tables, and maps to convey information effectively.

Monitor and make quick decisions based on real-time data.

Keep an eye on reporting performance and usage.

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