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Odoo ERP to Business Central Upgrade

Aligned the system with business growth to achieve exponential results.


The business is a trusted provider of wireless and technology solutions for businesses, with 15+ years of experience in the industry. Founded in 2008, they are a leading supplier of carrier-grade antenna and enclosure protection solutions. Also, the organization further offers customized solutions to meet unique business needs. They offer a comprehensive range of products that includes two-way radios, public safety communications, wireless broadband, and high-quality indoor and outdoor antennas. The company offers its bespoke products to the global IoT and M2M industries.

What are The
Business Challenges

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The business was looking for a unified platform capable of managing inventory of 20 live products while offering a great experience to their 70+ customers.

The existing system was lagging and making the warehouse employees slow in finding exact products and processing different requests without delay.

Company was investing a lot of resources to manage the core warehouse and inventory processes due to lack of warehouse automation.

They want a modern ERP solution that can manage different processes, inventory, and core warehouse management operations.

Solution Delivered

Migrated their system from Odoo ERP to D365 Business Central with Mobile WMS by Tasklet.


Oddo was replaced with Business Central Cloud to offer automation, smooth business functioning, and real-time process management.


The integration of Tasklet with Business Central offers a responsive interface, resulting in enhanced overall efficiency and productivity.


The integration of WMS Mobile by Tasklet enables them to avail automation while streamlining entire inventory activities.


Better Optimized Picking, Packing, and Shipping Processes, making it easy for another person to take over and complete the shipping process later.


The migration from odoo to Business Central results in cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.

The team at the business can now access and control inventory in real-time, streamline picking and shipping processes, and perform barcode scanning with ease.

Now, the business is also able to collect and transfer data automatically while optimising the different warehouse operations for better decision-making.

Now, they are able to follow the regulatory compliances based on a specific country.

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