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Dynamics NAV 2009 to Business Central On-Premises

NAV 2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises Upgrade

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The company was established in 1992 and world's leading condom manufacturing British brand, fully established in 2000 to manufacture sexual health products. They provide the best sexual health products to consumers and inspire them to make better choices for their health. Also, they are in partnership with NHS (National Health Services) and NPOs (Non-profit organizations) to provide safe products to the mass. The generally exports its products to more than 45 countries globally. Even, it is the largest condom supplier to NHS and for many charity organizations.

What are The
Business Challenges


The company was not satisfied with the working of Dynamics NAV 2009. They were looking for NAV 2009 to business central On-Premises ERP upgrade solution to manage some departments like finance, supply chain, and customer service.

They were facing performance issues from NAV09. Their NAV versions perform slower in simple tasks like opening ledgers and exporting data. These tasks were impacting the performance of the users as well as the overall efficiency.

Their business was expanding, but the older version of NAV was not allowing them to scale in terms of technology and functionality. They want to upgrade their NAV version to Dynamics 365 Business Central, so that they can align with current market demands.

Due to the mandatory submission of VAT returns to HMRC, they were facing issues with NAV09 as it was not compatible with the new norms of the UK government.

Solution Delivered

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises Dynamics Square upgraded the ERP of the company from NAV 2009 to Business Central on-premises.


Dynamics Square upgraded the ERP of the company from NAV09 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise.


Dynamics 365 Business Central enables the employees of the company to manage the entire business from one dashboard with total security due to the secured on-premises database deployment.


The whole business system of the company re-structured on their legacy production process. This makes the users manage the processes of all departments from one dashboard.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is capable of streamlining the tasks such as setup change, user tasks, maintaining employee ledger, and more.


We helped the company with the required customizations and integrations for seamless operations.


Dynamics Square helped the company understand the Business Intelligence feature of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It helped them gain accurate insights about all the processes and operations and make informed decisions whenever needed.


The system of the company started to perform flawlessly without any glitches after the upgrade. Also, Dynamics Square resolved the common issue of slow opening and slow execution of simple tasks.

The client now works with the new technology to make the business work smoothly without any system performance issues. Now, they are able to automate the assembly order process.

The process of importing and exporting data/reports has become easy and accurate with the new technical architecture.

We helped them integrate their system with other Microsoft apps like office, excel, etc. This enables the client to share the reports or data with other users in a few clicks.

With the new Dynamics 365 Business Central, it becomes easy to submit the tax reports as MTD returns with HMRC directly from Business Central without any delay.

As a trusted partner, Dynamics Square helped them understand the working of 365 Business Central for growth and scalability.


We were quite nervous about upgrading our ERP system to the new version of Business Central, fortunately Nitesh and the team of Dynamics Square were there to support us through all the trials and tribulations resulting in successful rollout of our stall. We can already see the growth in production brought by our new system and we're only one and a half months in. Thanks again to the team of Dynamics Square for all the support and hardwork.

Nicolas Hopwood

IT and Facilities Manager

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