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Microsoft NAV 2016 Support - Case Study

Providing Support with their Existing System


The company is established in 1993 and a British-based wholesaler of hygienic disposable cleaning and wiping products. They deliver their products to national as well as international clients of restaurants, hotels, manufacturing industries, and more. They specialize in manufacturing and supplying 70 GSM heavy-duty color-coded wipes and disposable non-woven wiping products to different industries.

What are The
Business Challenges


They wanted to increase the sales volume with customers by upselling and cross selling their products.

They planned a strategy of reaching out to the group of existing customers and promoting their other products by applying for discounts and promotions.

The client also wants to run an awareness campaign for its new products to the existing customers.

The company want to promote the new products by showing them on the sales invoice of such customers.

Solution Delivered

Microsoft NAV 2016 Support Offered to the Company


Dynamics Square helped the company in implementing their strategy for growth and sales.


We helped them filter out the group of customers who have purchased similar products in a particular period by creating a report with the sold product's category code and the client's code.


We used this data to send customized mails for up-sale and cross-sale to a particular group of customers.


Dynamics Square helped them link the related products to sell with the customer's current data.


Whenever a particular item is sold, the linked products will be displayed in the sales invoice's suggestion section, making it visible for purchase to the current customer.


We helped the company Services gain more visibility for the new products, making it easier for them to up-sell and cross-sell.


Dynamics Square helped them grow in the number of sales compared with last quarter.

With the help of Dynamics Square's expert team, the company has achieved a rise in sales, 3X of the current sales.

The current customers of the company have started ordering new products more frequently than earlier. With the sales of old products, the new products also started to gain some visibility and sales in the market.

The new products get a boost in sales with the help of a new product marketing strategy.

Dynamics Square Support helps them create a strategy that doesn't need extra cost to market the new products. The ROI (return over investment) cost of new product marketing for old customers becomes almost zero.

Our support team helped them increase the total number of sales and new customers.


We are impressed with their product awareness, technical skills and commitment to us. They analyze the situation and deliver to best fit our requirement and solutions.

Andrew Farleigh


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