Case Study

Dynamics NAV 2009 to Business Central Upgrade

Simplified the complex processes while eliminating the useless data from the system.


The business is a business that caters to the supply of fertilizers, cattle grooming, and agrochemicals to local farmers. They have a warehouse and retail store in Denbigh where they sell clothes & footwear too.

What are The
Business Challenges

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The company was facing challenges with Dynamics NAV 2009 related to configuration and was continuously witnessing complex and useless data.

The business was not easily track and manage its inventory across multiple locations, including the warehouse and retail store in Denbigh.

This outgrown replenishment process couldn't monitor the real stock on hand. The company's growing needs started to exhibit limitations with NAV 2009.

Also, the business was not able to collect accurate inventory data digitally, in real-time, and at the right time.

Solution Delivered

Upgraded their system from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to D365 Business Central


Implementation of Business Central improved inventory management processes.


Fresh implementation provided better visibility into stock levels, real-time data updates, and accurate inventory tracking.


Business Central facilitated efficient stock control management, replenishment, and automated monitoring of stock levels.


This updated version of The ERP system addressed the issues they faced with their previous system.

The company is now able to witness streamlined processes, accurate data management, and better control over its inventory.

These improvements helped the company to effectually improve its operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver an enhanced experience to the customers.

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