SharePoint vs OneDrive: Choose the Best for Your Business

The world is moving towards clouds. This sentence might look like an unfinished one now, but this blog will justify it for sure. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the hot topics among business owners: SharePoint vs. OneDrive and which one suits a business better.

But, before getting into the comparison table, let’s understand the reason for uploading one more blog when several are already available on Google.

After COVID-19, cloud computing became a necessity for all businesses, and cloud data storage became the top service.

Based on the latest statistics, 60% of the world’s corporate data is stored in clouds, 80% of organizations report improvement in overall operations with the cloud, 40% of SMBs find cloud deployment cost-effective, and 94% of businesses feel their data is safe with cloud services.

Isn’t this data astonishing?

Let me clear up a major confusion among the people who are trying to compare these two applications.

First – Both of these products exist in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. So, whatever you choose, you have the right service provider.

Second – Both of these products are somewhat different from one another. SharePoint is a document management system, whereas OneDrive is a cloud data storage application.

Despite having different functionalities, people are confused between the two. In this blog, we are going to eliminate the confusion and show you the right product as per your requirements.

Microsoft SharePoint: An Enterprise-Grade Document Management System

Launched in 2001, Microsoft SharePoint was built with the aim of offering seamless collaboration across the team with real-time data sharing.

Basically, it is a document management application with intranet portals that allow users to communicate and share data safely.

Businesses are using this application to establish a strong communication bridge between the employees of different departments and share data without any errors. Users can share the information using intranet sites, specific folders, custom pages, lists, forms, and a document library.

For example, we used to contain or store specific types of documents (papers) manually in a single folder. With SharePoint Online, the file folder has become digital, which allows you to store unlimited documents in a single folder without the risk of losing them.

Microsoft OneDrive: Cloud Storage for Private Data

In the simplest terms, Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage platform where you can store your data privately. It is purely cloud-based, where you can store any kind of data, whether photos, documents, or videos of any size. Also, you can share the desired files with others with just a link.

In general, there are two versions of this application available to users. One is OneDrive for business, and another is OneDrive for personal.

Anyone can access the personal OneDrive, but users linked to any business can only access the business version.

The best part about OneDrive is that you can access the application with just an internet connection, irrespective of the platform you are using, like the web, mobile, or PC. You might be thinking about using the business version for personal use, but there are a lot of hidden drawbacks behind it.

• Users with admin access can see and use your OneDrive personal account.

• The company you are working with will delete your account once you leave the organisation. Which means all your personal data will be deleted from the servers.

SharePoint Online Vs OneDrive: Check the Actual Comparison

Check out the SharePoint vs OneDrive comparison based on few parameters.




Deployment Option

Cloud and On-premises


Collaborative Documentation



Shared Assets Library



Seamless Collaboration




For Businesses Use

For Personal Use

Data Categorization



Data Sharing


Based on User

Purpose to build

Document Management

Cloud Storage


Yes, real-time


• Deployment Option

SharePoint: It comes with cloud as well as on-premises deployment options. Based on your business requirements, you can opt for one.

OneDrive: It is specifically a cloud-based storage platform with no on-premises deployment option.

• Collaborative Documentation

SharePoint: It allows multiple users to collaborate on a single document without any lag.

OneDrive: You can only store and share files using OneDrive without any option for team collaboration.

• Shares Assets Library

SharePoint: It offers a unified library where an enterprise can save all data and access it whenever required.

OneDrive: There is no such library available with it. What you can do is share the link to a document with others to offer access.

• Seamless Collaboration

SharePoint: All team members can collaborate on a project using this communication site for the sake of maximising efficiency.

OneDrive: There is no source of team collaboration available with this product.

• Data Sharing

SharePoint: Members of the team can easily share the data while working on a single project using a communication site. In case of any issue, the admin has the control to access the desired data.

OneDrive: You can easily share the data with others using shareable links. You can share the data with anyone based on the settings you have chosen.

• Purpose to Build

SharePoint: Basically, it is a document management system that allows users to work and collaborate on projects altogether.

OneDrive: It is a cloud storage platform that allows users to store information and fetch it whenever needed.

• Communication

SharePoint: You can talk with the team members using chat, video, conference calls, and threaded messages in real time.

OneDrive: You cannot establish a communication like SharePoint, but you can sync the data and access it with any device.

OneDrive vs SharePoint: Which One Suits Your Business?

To this day, you must have a sound understanding of these two similar yet totally different Microsoft products. Maybe you are still figuring out the best product for your business. If so, let us shed more light on it.

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to store documents and collaborate with the team in real-time, you should go with SharePoint for Business. And, If you are looking to store data for personal use and want to share it with others whenever required, OneDrive is a perfect fit for you.

Moreover, you can reach out to a Microsoft Solutions Partner to further clarify your query on SharePoint vs OneDrive. You can write us a mail at or call us directly at 02071932502.

Most Asked FAQs about SharePoint and OneDrive:

1. What is SharePoint used for?

Microsoft SharePoint, in simple words, is a document management system generally used to store and share documents with other team members of the organisation. SharePoint can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises without compromising its reliability or data security.

2. Is SharePoint online or on a server?

Microsoft SharePoint can be deployed online, or on-premises based on the specific requirements of the business. If you have your own data servers, you can go on-premises. But most of the developing organizations, like SMBs, prefer cloud deployment as it is cost-effective and secure as well.

3. Is OneDrive the same as SharePoint?

OneDrive and SharePoint are somewhat similar in terms of functionality. We can use both products for sharing, storing, and managing data. But, when we go in-depth, we will find the tools are different.

4. What is the purpose of OneDrive?

The sole purpose of OneDrive is to store information in the form of files and share them whenever needed by the user. It stores all files, secures them from malicious attacks, and offers a unified interface across all devices.

5. Is Microsoft OneDrive free?

Yes, you can use Microsoft OneDrive for free for up to 5 GB. After that, you need to purchase a specific business plan based on your requirements. OneDrive for Business (Plan 1) starts at £4.10 per user per month. Moreover, you can check Microsoft 365 OneDrive for an updated price list.

2023 Update: Microsoft has replaced the OneDrive 100GB Standalone plan with Microsoft 365 Basic, applicable from January 30, 2023. This plan offers 100 GB of cloud storage space that you can easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

6. How safe is OneDrive?

Microsoft assures you of the safety of your data stored on their servers. With TLS encryption, all your data is safe and secure in the clouds, thanks to the trust of Microsoft.

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