Microsoft Business Central in Construction Company: Move Towards Efficiency and Profitability

The major pillars of the construction industry are accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Businesses have to secure decent levels of such factors to make the project successful and profitable.

Regardless of following all measures and industry-specific protocols, businesses have to deal with complicated processes, fragmented data, decentralised information, and isolated internal communication. Such factors make a construction company prone to loss, inefficiency, and project failure. However, you can eliminate such components with a bespoke construction ERP solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an advanced ERP solution that can be customised to meet all the requirements of construction companies. It acts as a bridge to fill the gaps and offers smart automation to eliminate redundancies while pushing a business towards sheer growth.

Business Central is a cloud-based solution that offers an extensive set of tools and capabilities to address the unique challenges a construction company is facing. It can streamline different processes, promote team collaboration, and offer real-time data insights to transform the way a business manages different projects.

Common Challenges Faced in Construction Management

Construction companies have to cope with numerous challenges that can lower output and resist business growth. Some of the major challenges are discussed next:

Difficulty managing project timelines and budgets

The development of construction projects fluctuates due to various internal and global conditions, leading to complicated processes. It became difficult for the company to track projects based on different parameters, including timeline, resources, and budget. However, a construction ERP solution can track all these factors while centralising the information with real-time project progress data.

Inefficient collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers

A construction company includes a variety of vendors and subcontractors that take care of different resources. Building a sustainable communication channel to promote collaboration with all entities is challenging, specifically when everyone is using separate systems. A smart ERP system can offer centralised communication channels to share and receive information from a single source.

Inaccurate inventory control leads to stock-outs

Maintaining and tracking inventory is a critical concern for all construction businesses, as stockouts and overstocking lead to loss and inefficiency. Storing the right material for the right operations is one of the major tasks a construction company has to follow. An intelligent ERP solution can help you track accurate inventory levels that enable you to order more stocks on time.

Challenges in tracking project costs and profitability

Tracking different costs associated with construction projects is complex yet important to trace, from the start of the project to delivering it successfully. Tracking costs can help you determine the total expenditure of a project and its margins. With an ERP solution, you will be able to track different types of project costs, including material, labour, equipment, products, and other resources.

Slow and error-prone manual processes

Tracking and recording all activities manually for a construction project is cumbersome and prone to errors. A single error in the calculation of a financial sheet or the resource allocation of a project can lead to a huge loss to the business. An ERP solution with automation capabilities can streamline such processes and reduce manual ways of updating data.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central can help Construction Companies?

Business Central is a powerful and flexible ERP solution that can be adapted to the unique business demands of the construction industry. Regardless of complexity, it can be personalised to meet expectations and provide maximised outcomes.

Microsoft Business Central can eliminate the challenges of construction companies with intelligent and advanced functionality. You can even go for Business Central integration to connect different applications and enhance the capabilities of a specific element of D365 BC. With its intuitive and extensive capabilities, Business Central can help construction businesses in several ways, like:

Enhanced project visibility

Business Central empowers you to centralise your existing database and eliminate data collection using different spreadsheets and sources. As per your role, you can get project information that includes contract information, budgets, timelines, and progress updates from a single platform. With proper project visibility, the project manager can track the progress and tune the configuration to eliminate all roadblocks and accelerate success.

Enhanced team collaboration

Eradicate data silos with the unified system of Business Central to accelerate team collaboration and data gathering. Cloud deployment allows users to share, communicate, and collect data to update project information in real-time (using mobile devices too). This streamlined communication reduces the chances of errors and promotes team collaboration.

Seamless inventory management

Perform accurate inventory operations by leveraging the power of real-time data insights. It leads you to prevent any chances of stockouts and ensure fulfilment of the right product at the right time. Also, you can analyse stocks of existing inventory to return the excess product and optimise processes for maximum output.

Accurate Cost Control

You can track projects and their progress based on different parameters that include expenses, procurement, and labour costs. With actual data, you can have a clear picture of your business’s financial health to accelerate the process of budget optimisation. It will lead you to save costs and enhance the financial performance of the project.

Embedded automation

Automate the core processes of the construction business to eliminate the chances of error and boost efficiency. You can automate the general tasks related to invoicing, generating sales orders, and placing purchase orders. You can even predict profit margins based on project progress and performance. Tracking real-time data empowers you to receive payment on time and notify suppliers of outstanding payments.

How can Dynamics Square help you?

Dynamics Square, a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner in the UK, has been in the market for 12+ years, helping construction companies digitalise their business operations with advanced Microsoft business solutions. Based on the requirements and unique specialisation of the company, we configure the solution and tune the capabilities to make it a perfect fit.

With a team of construction industry experts, we have sufficient resources to perform successful implementation of Business Central or any other Microsoft ERP or CRM solution. Their years of experience and knowledge have led our Dynamics 365 consultants to offer reliable and best-in-class Dynamic support to businesses before and after the implementation. In case of need, feel free to write us an email at, or you can directly call us at +44 207 193 2502 for instant support.

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