How To Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics NAV To Business Central?

If you are searching for how to upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central, this blog will be informative, helping you with the process. 

You can directly upgrade from NAV to Business Central with a simple process. Before proceeding further, let us know the fundamental differences and what changes Business Central can bring to your business.

What are the differences between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Their functionality is the same, but they still differ from each other. Dynamics 365 BC works browser-based, but you still have all the features you used in NAV, such as operation management, sales, and service. Dynamics 365 BC will give a broad range with more flexibility. The license also shows differences; like in NAV, it’s for concurrent users, and in Business Central, it’s on Names users. 

Why does upgradation require?

Here, you’ll be able to get the essential factor that makes Dynamics 365 Business Central important to use in the businesses:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can work on the cloud (also available on-premises).

It has Azure Artificial Intelligence sales, inventory or cash flow forecasts, and payment predictions.

Availability of Telemetry data in the Azure app .

Out of box integrations with Microsoft stack, office 365.

Analyze how you will change with digital transformation and redefine how you will use ERP. It must be able to support and handle your entire business process.

Dynamics 365 Business Central – A better Platform

Usually, when I say that all the features of Dynamics NAV are available on Business Central, yes, it’s true. Business Central works better on the cloud with all the apps in NAV that you trust the most and can easily manage your business correctly.

Hence, you got your solution –

Dynamics 365 BC simplifies your workload. Dynamics 365 Business Central can improvise efficiency. It efficiently automates and integrates tools such as Outlook and Office.

While implementing Business Central on the cloud, the ERP solution works appropriately, allowing you to adopt it very quickly.

You can make a better decision for your business, and you can analyze properly because of the availability of important data and information.

The key feature is that you’ll get a system with data and processes in the same place. You don’t need to worry about data backups or servers. Each and everything can be handled by an ERP partner.

Features of Business Central

Upgrade NAV to Business central has some important factors and features –

Capable of adding columns

 Allows you to personalize what data you can see by adding more fields and columns. No matter if you have multiple businesses, let’s suppose you have two separate businesses, so each business needs specific information to function properly.

Preload list of apps

If apps are installed directly from any app store, then it can cause a continuity issue with other apps, which can interfere with your business. In Business Central, its feature allows you to preload the list of your helpful apps that they recommend for the customer to install safely.

The base unit measure gives a rounding figure

Yes, it has a feature that it makes rounding figure for base unit measurement. Let’s suppose you are receiving a box that contains 6 plates. After opening the box, you found 5 out of 6 are in good condition. You received quantity in good condition 5/6 pieces. Earlier it was converted into 4.99998 pieces, but in this Business Central new feature, it will automatically get round to 5.

Share the link to Microsoft Teams

This feature in Business Central Teams Integration will save your time and make your work more productive. Here, you don’t have to copy the web link followed by opening the Microsoft Teams and pasting the link. Instead of doing this, you can select a person or group to send a message to the Business Central record within Business Central.

Managing Azure Active Directory Group

Being in a digital world, all are now concerned about cyber security. So, setting the permissions that allow your employees to get access to only certain parts. This is the main reason Business Central allows you to set permission for the users as per your requirement. This is a perfect feature for any organization with multiple environments.

Steps to upgrade from NAV to business central online

  • Licensing
  • Setup configurations
  • Migration of Data
  • Integrations
  • Training and Support 

Let us have a glance at the benefits of Business Central

Capabilities of Business Central

  • You can handle the business from any location
  • Language Barriers will be eliminated
  • Forecasting and budget planning 
  • Financial performance can improve
  • Can track the inventory
  • Sales data and leads are monitored 
  • To generate sales, it focuses on better leads
  • Warehouse Management becomes controllable
  • Customization as per your requirement
  • Can make on-time delivery
  • NAV-to-BC-Migrate
  • Few more Benefits - 
  • You’ll work on cloud 

As you are aware, Microsoft is allowing users to come on a cloud hosting and cloud services. Microsoft Azure Business Central hosts all data on the server. You can work from anywhere.

Operate your business with a single software

You’ll be able to work properly with the easy process with Power BI and Power Apps. You can work on the different applications in one place.

Upgrades can be done automatically

You don’t have to worry anymore regarding software updates for new versions. This is a great feature, and it can reduce the level of maintenance required for any platform.

Makes Scalable, has customization, and has easy usability

In Business Central, you have the customization feature. Here you can easily integrate the applications as per your requirement and make the usability very friendly.

Storage Limit

Business Central online storage does not have any limit. Here out of the box, Business Central provides more than enough storage for most organizations.

Final Cut Over 

Here, you can easily synchronize the core application database. Again, once you have done all these customizations, all you need to do is to take the new data that exists in those customized tables and put it now into Business Central. Many test cases can be validated over the weekend either on-site or later can remove once they went smoothly. You can get connected easily with Dynamics 365 support partner (Dynamics Square) for any queries or solutions.

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