Dynamics 365 Finance – Cloud vs On-premise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a highly popular application with brands, especially for its availability on both cloud and on-premise. Its range of modules helps companies cater to their varied business operations. The most sought after module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Finance and Operations – enables organizations to track business performance in real-time, forecast results, and make informed decisions to drive business growth. Since the application is available on both cloud and on-premises it becomes difficult for organizations to decide the type of solution that suits their business. This page compares the features offered on both cloud and on-premises to help businesses make an informed decision.

Compliance and certifications YesYes
 SOC 1 Type 1 certificationYesNo
Data management and integration YesYes
 Export data to your own data warehouseYesYes
 Enable the export of incremental updates to a data entityYesYes
 Data integrationsYesYes
Document management YesYes
Financial management YesYes
Help YesNo
Human resources YesYes
Intelligence YesYes
 Electronic reporting (ER)YesYes
 ER: Integration with LCSYesNo
 ER: Integration with SharePointYesNo
 ER: Integration with Regulatory Configuration Services (RCS)YesNo
 ER: Uses local file system as storage of ER configurations accessible via ER repositoriesNoYes
 Integration with PowerBI.comYesNo
 Integration with PowerBI DesktopNoYes
 Analytical workspacesYesNo
 Intelligent business process: RecommendationsYesNo
 Authoring Power BI reports with OData using Power BI desktop or Excel PowerQuery toolsYesNo
 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) supports scaling outYesNo
 Telemetry is transferred into the cloudYesNo
Lifecycle services YesYes
 Configurable business processesYesNo
Localizations YesYes
Mobile app, workspaces, and platform YesYes
Office integration YesYes
Organization administration YesYes
Payroll YesYes
 Direct depositYesNo
Project management and accounting YesYes
Security YesYes
Service management YesYes
Web client YesYes
 Task recorder – Save or load task recordings from the BPM libraryYesNo
Support YesYes
 Access to Support via the Help & Support menuYesNo
 Business eventsYesYes (either internet connectivity is required or custom endpoints must be implemented to send/recieve business events within intranet)

Final Words

When selecting the type of deployment (in-cloud, on-premise) for their business, organizations need to contemplate various aspects, such as data security, system integrations, and access to critical information. A reliable partner like Dynamics Square can proficiently assist businesses in understanding which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations installation best suits their processes.

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