Lead Management And Reporting With Microsoft CRM System

When you scan through your marketing database, you often come across contacts in your contact list who have shown interest in the product/service promoted by you. These are potential leads that have to be tracked and pursued as they offer the best chances to convert.

Smart marketers pursue these with a variety of initiatives. At some point, they will convert. For this to happen, it is very important that all the work be done on a solution which offers advanced functionalities for database, opportunity and lead management and helps cover the entire cycle, from lead capture to closure.

The Microsoft CRM System, famous as the most versatile customer relationship management system, offers functionalities that help handle all aspects of leads and lead conversions from company to contact, opportunity to campaign, job, event, media, advertisements and source code records.

When customized to perfection by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, the most widely used CRM for Small Business promoters helps cover the entire lead workflow which includes:

  • Contact Collection: This is the stage where contacts are assimilated from multiple sources such as trade shows, websites, in bound calls, email messages and registrations for events. Everything goes into a single unified database.
  • Lead Creation: The next stage, this has promising contacts being separated from the not-so promising ones. A contact is thought of as a lead only after it is felt strongly that the concerned person/company has shown considerable interest.
  • Scoring & Qualification: Scoring begins on leads after considering all interaction records. Detailed rules are created for scoring.
  • Sales Rating: Ratings enable users to track the quality in the lead, depending on the feedback received.
  • Assignment: The leads are then assigned for follow up. The sales personnel, especially the rep, then follows up in order to close out the sale. Certain leads at times require more nurturing.
  • Promotion to Opportunities: Some of the more complex ones are separated from the rest, so that they be given special attention through additional tools and tracking.
  • Closure: If the lead is finally thought of as not worthy of trailing, it is closed. Though in most cases, the details are saved for future reference. This is the stage where contacts are assimilated from multiple sources such as trade shows, websites, in bound calls, email messages and registrations for events. Everything goes into a single unified database.

Working on the Lead Management module of the Microsoft CRM System helps:

  • .Capture all call notes fast and schedule follow up activities.
  • Setup call queues in order to follow up on them.
  • Initiate call downs and go through every Lead and Contact list view.
  • Put in place an appropriate and sales user friendly lead management technology.

Using the Lead Management module of the most popular customer relationship management system also helps:

  • Cut down on administrative effort
  • Keep a clean pool of all suspects through structured disqualification
  • Count all the elements in call campaigns
  • Drill in telesales accountability
  • Use closed loop reporting to the best of ability to measure marketing campaigns and their eventual impact

After having the most popular CRM for Small Business operators customized by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner for its Lead Management functionalities, what does any company get to experience?

  • More opportunities to generate revenue
  • Quicker lead conversions
  • Enhanced productivity from sales persons
  • Greater visibility into the lead lifecycle
  • Higher ROI on Marketing & Telesales Campaigns

Everything written about above related to Leads and Lead Management clearly shows why the Dynamics CRM by Microsoft is the most appropriate solution to manage, nurture and convert leads.

Vivek Gururani

Vivek is a Digital marketing expert at Dynamics Square, specializing in crafting compelling content on advanced tech topics such as ERP, CRM, cloud computing, AI, ML, BI and more. His profound passion for the digital landscape has led him to explore and master diverse fields including SEO, SEM, content strategy, and data-driven marketing.


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