Dynamics 365 Field Service: Things To Know Before Setting Up!

If you’ve ever had problems setting up the Field Service Module in Dynamics 365, then this blog is for you. I’ll be sharing some key things to keep in mind while setting it up, as well as some helpful resources like our YouTube channel’s video on Dynamics 365 Field Service Processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Steps to D365 Field Service:

Bing Maps to be enabled

Bing Maps is a necessity while you set up an instance for Field Service. If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Bing Maps feature automatically sends the address over the Internet to the Bing Maps service to display an online map of the address within Dynamics 365. Though you would need to manually enable Bing Maps to set up the Geo Codes for Accounts, Contacts, Resources or Users by visiting the Administration section of Resource Scheduling Module. Once you open the Administration entity, go to Scheduling Parameters and toggle the Connect to Maps field to ‘Yes’ and you will be able to see the Map when you visit Geo Code from Account, Contact or User.

Resco – Woodford

If you are not able to open the Work Order Bookings from Field Service Mobile App, here’s what you need to do to access the Bookings successfully in Field Service Mobile App. Microsoft has disabled the internal Field Service Mobile App functionality because of the error faced while accessing Bookable Resource Bookings on App. You would need to download a Woodford solution (latest version – and a default Woodford Solution Project.

Enabling Woodford solution requires importing it to Dynamics 365 Solutions. Once you are through the importing, you will be able to view the Woodford tile under Settings. After importing the solution, you would need to add the default Project in the Woodford Mobile CRM entity.

Setting up Incidents and Work Order Type

The soul of Field Service Administration are the Incident Type and Work Order type Set up. Incidents are the containers for the Work Order Service Tasks, Products, Service, Estimated Duration, and Price List. You must follow the correct order to proceed while setting up Field Service Incidents Type which is as follows: creating Work Order Type and setting a Price List, creating Service Tasks, Products, and Service along with assigning Estimated Duration, creating Incident Type, attaching – Work Order Type, Service Tasks, Products and Services. Now the Incident Type is all ready to be used in the Work Order.

Setting up Products for Field Service

The most important and tricky task is to ensure the Products and Services are correctly set up. To ensure an efficient Set up you must take care of Field Service section on the Product Form. In the Field Service Product Type field you can tag this Product as Inventory, Non-Inventory and Service. This would help you to select the designated Products on the Work Order or as a matter of fact as well while setting up Incident Type.

Setting up Field Security Profile

To be able to access the secured field for Field Service you would need to add those Roles to the Field Security Profile on User Form. Field security profile is used to give access to fields that have been enabled for field level security to users other than the default System Administrator. Read, Update and Create privileges to these fields are given. It would let specific users see the content of these fields. The fields enabled for field level security are seen with a small key beside the name indicating that its status is secure.

Schedule Board – views

Schedule Board is the center of Field Service Module and helps you Schedule the Work Orders. Many a times we seek requirement to configure the Field Service Schedule Board, it is very easy and convenient to do so. You would need to configure the views of Resource Requirement entity. Updating the Resource Requirement entity would let you be able to Configure Schedule Board Views.

Users and Account Geo Code Setup

Users Geo Code Setup is direct and would not be a problem as only Latitude and Longitude is required. While using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you might face difficulty to get the correct Geo Code even after entering the correct address on the Account Form. Therefore you would then enable Latitude and Longitude on the Account Form and capture them or you can search for the required address first at the Bing Maps website and then copy that address in CRM. This would definitely solve this problem.

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