Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Develop a collaborative workplace with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources (HR) to ensure well- managed teams and accelerated business gains

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People-Focused Strategies, Data-Driven Growth

Improve Workforce Experiences

  • Allow employees to self manage their profile updates, training programs, performance evaluations, along with other requests.

  • Authorize managers to access the team performance data for optimizing employees’ performances and tackling any critical concerns.

  • Enable employees to learn and grow fast with relevant training certifications by aligning them with LinkedIn Learning or Dynamics 365 Guides.

  • Promote people connections through informative profiles that include career updates, skills attained, education, professional certifications, interests, and more.

Employees-Driven HR Initiatives

  • Automate organization- wide compensation mechanism, supported by standard guidelines, to ensure seamless payouts.

  • Transform overall recruiting experiences by identifying and connecting with the right candidates using LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

  • Develop fully compliant yet simplified employee reporting programs, updated consistently to meet altering global workforce regulations.

  • Enable unique benefits– administration strategies by using flexible and configurable self- service enrolment features for groups, hierarchies, flexible credits, and auto- enrolment.

  • Manage payrolls, tax filings, operating budgets, and other comprehensive financial transactions through Dynamics 365 Finance and by integrating payroll providers like Ceridian Dayforce.

Enhance Organizational Agility

  • Improve overall business efficiencies through automated assignments, processes, and workflows.

  • Personalize and expand Dynamics 365 HR implementations using a responsive Microsoft Power Platform.

  • Customize solutions through an interactive and intuitive interface that allows system administrators to modify layouts,create templates, and share with teams.

  • Eliminate organizational complexities by integrating smart administration tools that seamlessly generate organization structures, hierarchies, and job requirements.

  • Accelerate operational and functional excellence with appropriate compliance and security standards supported by advanced people management tools integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Deliver Meaningful Workforce Insights

Drive operational excellence and impact

  • Enable insightful decisions by using integrated next- generation analytics tools for seamless visualization andevaluation of HR Initiatives.

  • Create a more people- friendly work environment by appropriately capturing workforce sentiments leveraging the surveyinsights delivered by Microsoft Forms Pro.

  • Trim down overall system complexities by centralizing workforce data by implementing Common Data Services and byintegrating Dynamics 365 HR with existing technology systems as well as vendor applications.

  • Scale up workforce management tactics through responsive dashboards, embedded in Microsoft Power BI, that deliver in-depth analysis and complete tracking of human resources data, literally from any device.

Why Dynamics Square?

We are a leading Microsoft Dynamics AX partner in the UK with an office in London and serving across the UK including Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds among others for Dynamics AX services like an upgrade, support, integration and any customization. We continually invest to keep our team, assets, relationships, delivery capability and service portfolio at their best. We act as a trusted business partner and helping businesses to grow at their pace.


Talented Teams

We hire the most qualified, driven, and talented people we can find. This helps us take on challenges and tasks that other consultants can’t always handle.


Focused on Innovation

At Dynamics Square, we deliver creative solutions custom-tailored to each client’s unique organizational needs.

Process and Quality Driven

Each of our projects adheres to strict guidelines, helping our teams deliver high-quality solutions for all of our clients.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources