Microsoft Dynamics 365Remote Assist

Collaborate efficiently to perform together effectively from worldwide remote locations with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on smart Android, HoloLens, or iOS devices.

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Contribute Collectively from Anywhere


Enable Prompt Resolutions

Analyze, identify, and share top-priority issues for real-time resolutions by connecting seamlessly with technical experts across remote geographies.

Deliver Actionable Insights

Evaluate critical workflows with Dynamics 365 for Field Service while generating interactive schematics and informative graphs through other familiar applications.
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Ensure Business Efficiencies

Trim-Down operational spending with remote management of projects by efficiently unifying videos, screenshots, and annotations on already-in-use smart devices.

Manage Work Orders

Empower business heads and managers to enhance workforce safety and control travelling expenses and with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens.

Why Dynamics Square?

We are a leading Microsoft Dynamics AX partner in the UK with an office in London and serving across the UK including Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds among others for Dynamics AX services like an upgrade, support, integration and any customization. We continually invest to keep our team, assets, relationships, delivery capability and service portfolio at their best. We act as a trusted business partner and helping businesses to grow at their pace.


Talented Teams

We hire the most qualified, driven, and talented people we can find. This helps us take on challenges and tasks that other consultants can’t always handle.


Focused on Innovation

At Dynamics Square, we deliver creative solutions custom-tailored to each client’s unique organizational needs.


Process and Quality Driven

Each of our projects adheres to strict guidelines, helping our teams deliver high-quality solutions for all of our clients.

Microsoft Dynamics 365Remote Assist