Booking Appointments Made Easy by Microsoft Bookings

Customer experience is the talk of the town today. Every business is working to augment their customer’s experience with the brand. Offering exceptional products or services is one way to do it; however, looking at the customer journey, as a whole, can be fruitful. While there are too many touchpoints in the customer journey to focus on, scheduling appointments with business will be our topic of discussion in this blog.

Scheduling Appointments

For businesses, such as hair salons, financial services, and home services, booking


appointments is a critical part of business. Thus, providing exceptional experience while booking appointments is imperative. Online appointment booking is one way of ensuring uber customer experience. It eliminates all the bottlenecks that come with scheduling appointments on call, such as waiting queue, customers not turning up, etc. Microsoft Bookings, which is part of Office 365, is a product that promises to clear all these bottlenecks and make booking appointments easy. Let’s get an overview of the product and how it can benefit your business.

Microsoft Bookings


Microsoft Bookings is an online tool that breaks the monotony of waiting over the call to speak to a person and book an appointment. The customer, can instead, book the appointment easily by visiting the booking page. On the page, they need to select the service they want and correspondingly choose a suitable day and time to book the appointment. The customer is also required to provide their contact information where they will receive the confirmation notice. Along with the appointment details, the customer also receives links for directions and to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

For the business, the appointment is automatically updated on the calendar. Microsoft Bookings support both Outlook calendar and Google calendar.


One of the best aspects of Microsoft Bookings is that it is customizable and easy to configure. You just need to set your business details to get started and can edit it as and when necessary. Follow these steps to start using Microsoft Bookings.

  • Provide business information
  • Define service offerings, including service name, description, location, and cost
  • Set scheduling policies, such as length of appointments, automatic notifications, payment methods, and acceptable cancellation times
  • Enter staff list
  • Set employee working hours
  • Schedule business operational hours along with closures for vacations or other reasons
  • Publish the booking page

Primary Components

Appointment Bookings Page

The appointment bookings page is published online that enables the customers to schedule an appointment with a specific staff member. You can either embed this page on your website – and it will work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices – or let it remain a stand-alone page.


Backend is a critical part of every business. Since Microsoft Bookings is an online tool, the backend data is also stored online. Thus, enabling you to access a range of facilities from viewing and managing appointments to setting a staff list and schedules to specifying services and pricing.

Mobile Application

The Microsoft Bookings mobile app is available in the Itunes and Google Play app stores, empowering you to manage your business from the phone. Whether it is viewing bookings or accessing customer information, you can do it from anywhere through a secure and stable internet connection.

Business Benefits of Microsoft Bookings

Open 24/7

Just like any online page, your customers can access your online appointment booking page to book appointments around the clock. They receive booking confirmation immediately and automatically.

Lesser No-Shows

You can schedule automated appointment reminders to customers with the appointment date, time, and directions. This helps customers remember their appointments and not miss them. That’s not it, you can also set reminders for your staff members too.


With the booking form available online, customers are not dependent on a second person to book a slot for them. Additionally, they can reschedule or cancel an appointment as per their convenience. However, make sure you set a limit for advance notice for cancellations.

Manage Business On the Go

Thanks to the Microsoft Bookings mobile app, you can manage your business on the go. From adding or viewing appointments to accessing or changing staff and scheduling info, you can do it all from anywhere.

Closing Lines

Delivering uber customer experience is a way of building brand loyalty. And simplifying the appointment booking process can go a long way in augmenting customers’ experience. Also, with almost all business operations shifting online, it is natural to provide customers the convenience to book appointments online. Microsoft Bookings is one of the leading tools in the market that is readily available to Microsoft customers who have an Office 365 Business Premium subscription. Try it out today for the flexibility, convenience, and control with bookings that you never had.

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