How to avail Dynamics 365 Business Central Trial?

Business Central Trial

A number of business users may want to use the Dynamics 365 Business Central but wonder if this tool would be a perfect fit for their business or not. If you are one of such people, Microsoft allows you to avail of Dynamics 365 Business Central trial without any liability.

Now, you have a chance to know why most industries are using Dynamics 365 to manage their business and its processes by exploring the trial version at its best. But, before getting into the exact steps to avail of this offer, let us discuss the reason behind one of the best ERP solutions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one management tool used to manage and update all the processes and operations in real-time. Users can connect almost all departments, from finance to human resources, making the business work seamless with minimum human interaction. The Dynamics 365 Business Central makes all the operations transparent so that the users can update or modify the system in real-time. All the tools and apps help users build an efficient and scalable business. 

If you want to avail of Business Central, you can check the Business Central Pricing and compare the plans with each other. Firstly, you need to select the plan that suits you the best. If you are struggling to choose the best plan for your business, book a call with Dynamics Square consultants and resolve all your issues right away.

The process of Business Central implementation is straightforward but with the help of the expertise and knowledge that we possess. But, we would suggest you go with the Business Central trial to understand this tool and learn how things work. Below is the step-by-step process to avail of the trial offer. 

Steps to Avail Business Central Trial

The process to avail of the Business Central Trial Premium is easy to follow and is given below:

  1. Open the Dynamics 365 Business Central Trial web page to find all the apps and other tools for trial.
  2. Now, scroll towards the bottom and select the “Try for free” button of “Dynamics 365 Business Central” under the “Finance and Operations section.” 
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  1. A thank-you page will open, as you can see in below the picture. Now, fill out the details and confirm the subscription from your mail. 
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  1. Provide your Business Mail ID, fill out the personal details, and enter the verification code to get started.
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  1. Once you specify all the required information, Microsoft will ask you to log in using the recently created credential. 
  2. To help you understand, Business Central will create a demo company available on your trial version. You can explore all the functions and processes of this demo company. 

Steps to Access the Business Central Premium Trial

Now, you can use the Business Central trial without any issue until the trial period ends. In the meantime, you can explore all the features and tools available for businesses to deal with all business operations. If you are new to Business Central, you must try the Premium license instead of the Essential license. The Premium license allows the users to explore more functions, like Manufacturing and Services Management. The process to access Business Central Premium Trial is as follows: 

  • Click on the Search icon available at the top of the welcome dashboard, and type “Company Information.”
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  • Now, click on the “Company Information” link and the “Company Information” page will be displayed. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the three dots available next to “Experience.”
  • Select the Premium Button from the “Experience Tier” tab, and the information will be saved and updated automatically. 
  • You may need to log in again to avail all the features of “Premium.” 

Setting Up the Profile

If you want to use the Business Central for your own company, you need to set it up as per your needs. To do so, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Gear icon or Setting icon from the top of the welcome screen, and select the Assisted Setup button.
  • The Assisted Setup screen will pop up where you need to fill out the desired details of your company, as you can see in the below picture. 
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Now, click on the specific setting and fill out the details. As per the details, your dashboard will be updated. Once you set up the profile, the trial period will start for 30 days. 

Also, you can import your business data to start using the Business Central as per your needs. You can also add addons and customizations to the trial version that makes it convenient to work. If you need any help with the customizations, you can contact Dynamics Square to make things work according to you.

What will happen when the Trial Expires?

The Premium trial options work best to learn and understand the Business Central. It helps the users understand all the functions, collaboratively work with the team, work with all departments, share data in real-time, etc. The trial expiration policy of Microsoft is not straightforward. The trial period can last long if you keep signing in to the Business Central. 

If you want to use your data during the trial version, it will be a 30 days trial. If you forget to use the Business Central due to any issue for more than 45 days, your account will be considered as expired. 

If you need any Dynamics 365 Support service Partner, Dynamics Square is always available to help you with the issues related to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Whether it is an upgrade issue or the Trial one, we got you covered. You only need to book a call with us, and the team of experts is ready to help you out. 

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